Re-Creating the Cheesiest French Potato Dish (Aligot)


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  1. Michelle Michelle says

    I have been do that but I use mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese with Potato but I don’t use heavy cream I use cooking cream it taste fantastic ,very good and very very stretchy just like in the video like the man was stretching it up

  2. mahadevan devan says

    Bunny's cage definition though ???

  3. Maxy Davella says

    Where’s the heavy cream

  4. Icy Gaming says

    3:03 nikki’s ahh sounds like me when my mom/dad cooks

  5. Jasper Andrew says

    Why would you boil the potato without the skin

  6. Millenial Guides on Tech says

    No one:Literally no one:Andrew: Tom De'Aubergine

  7. Juju Nguyen says

    Nikki make me laugh when she said,”We need a Paddle but not that big” lmao

  8. sarah johari says

    I always find andrew attractive!is it just me?

  9. Miku Official says


  10. Sai says

    I mean no disrespect but i find it funny how none of them do proper research about recipes before buying hundreds of dollars worth of ingredients. this recipe should be done with fresh tomme. They spent 150 bucks without researching the correct recipes and ingredient lmao. Also in the flaming cheese wheel video, andrew searched the brand of the $900 wheel of cheese to check if it was a crappy AFTER they purchased it.

  11. Cyndi Foore says


  12. Zoë Gordon says

    why is niki working at tasty and doesn’t even know how to cook at all ? ?

  13. Poss Urternal says


  14. Abhishek Jaiswal says

    Task failed successfully. ??

  15. Zeal 1111 says

    3:00You're welcome

  16. znsorai says

    the kg of Tomme d'Auvergne in France is like from 15 to 30 dollars loooool

  17. Ollie T says

    you guys would probably block me but can you guys try this again lol.

  18. Jumar Yu says

    I almost died inside when Alexis said "I don't love it" :c

  19. Naya Heswani says


  20. Jalapeño Nacho says

    Everything is better with a dollop of ri-e! Doop doop doop doop a dollop of ri-e (this cam from the commercial of dollop of daisy the sour cream)

  21. Nicole Caraang says


  22. yduzlf9fpgueuaheufkfjf says

    No one:Andrew: Tom d'avergine

  23. Shumna Mondol says

    Cheeses smell= grassy pellet food, poops, pee soaked hay and soiled newspaper. lmao haha

  24. Benzoic says

    Me: Mom I want to eat this cheese sauce.Mom: We have this cheese sauce at home.Cheese sauce at home:

  25. Coffeeebean says

    'we're both interested in cooking but both explicably bad at it'

  26. hola nenes says

    6:13 puree testicules

  27. Jason M says

    Wonder why tasty doesn't have Chinese food…..

  28. Abhay N. says

    Y because niki is vest friends with Adam

  29. Sofia Kerdzaia says

    Am I the only one who thinks rie an nikki don’t get along ? love them both though ♥️

  30. theonlyburgerboss says

    mukbangers are god at this

  31. Random Asian Girl says

    Adam, Nikki, Andrew and Steven carried the whole Tasty and Buzzfeed

  32. _aszabo. b_ says

    Krumpilpüré emberek, krumplipüré nem babakaja!?

  33. shlurp 86 says

    is he gay?

  34. meerab asif says

    Nikki: Tomme means cheeseAndrew: Tomme means cheeseNkki: NOOOOOOOOWHY?????

  35. L Blake says

    When did Niki turned so white? (her skin)

  36. Wyatt The Gryffindor says

    only plebs peel potatos

  37. Sumikko_hh H says

    Who else immediately thought of Zach Choi’s cheese sauce? Just me ok

  38. Kevin Smith says

    Someone connect me with Andrew. He’s so cute and we should get married.

  39. valpedit says


  40. yvan 12 says

    Put a bit of milk in the purée for make it more liquide then solid

  41. snowydog says

    Being french their accent was tilting

  42. cocktaeil says

    I— I cant believe Niki is a lesbian:( I’m super sorry but it just hella strange in asia

  43. Zhi Lin says

    Wait is Rie pregnant?!?

  44. krystal jeon says

    I saw andrew i click

  45. Thaly Roger says

    I thank you should of put more cheese

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