What’s up guys and today I am doing a reaction to my high school football highlights!
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  1. Lynda Hopkins says

    Why dont you have fans

  2. Ian Harper says

    Seeing TD so excited for target passing now is just painful because of how bad they failed on ig

  3. J Roc says

    Ok then TD! No stop and goes so that’s a plus lol. Your grade 11? Reminds me of trailer park boys. Ricky just wanted his grade 10 lol

  4. John Sanford says

    RIP TD lmao that looked like you were hurting the next day and more

  5. KC Gaming says

    Hey bro can you with some things on ps4?

  6. Mandell Thomas says

    Meaning i don't have it any more

  7. Mandell Thomas says

    A guys i had a legend 94 pack i opened it and now it's going what can i do

  8. Colby Gordon says

    I think I can beat you. HMU @ yvng_silk

  9. Noah VanNiewaal says

    Wut about baseball

  10. Steven Campbell says

    No offense but you should have been a football player instead of an gamer

  11. ToneZRL Gaming says

    Hey TD love the videos. I just launched own channel below, check it out.

  12. kendal Robinson says

    Wow did you have college offer

  13. Douglas Wilson says

    5:03 In 2020 he thought he was Lamar Jackson

  14. Mike Sportstrade says

    Bro you got that Tebow release

  15. Resi Novak says

    Unsubscribe. Tired of you stroking your ego on these videos.


    As a new subscriber seeing this explains a lot ?

  17. Aakash Chigurupati says

    All your receivers had to slow down and stop for your passes

  18. Will says

    I hope I win the giveaway

  19. BrizzyTV says

    Where’s the bleachers ? You play JV ?

  20. David Phillips says

    I'm on a 18 game winning streak play me !

  21. A Carter says

    HAHAHAHAHA dude, were you playing against midgets?? If it isn't Texas, Florida, Or California high school football, no need to brag or even post highlights. 2002 1st team all state DE here. QB's are garbage

  22. Ayla Texley says

    Who came here from TDs Playing biggest haters video?

  23. Jose Gutierrez says

    Canada football big different from the US bro ??? US got them monsters!!

  24. Bradley Duncan says

    Your goated td!

  25. Andrew DeMond says

    Dotcity ?

  26. The Patriot TB12 says

    You dance around the pocket throwing a touchdown like Mahomes. ??

  27. hipskipne1984 says

    Uncle rico

  28. Ivan Diaz says

    This man was a stud…think I’m pretty late

  29. Draidon Barker says

    That make sense why you play Madden so well. Good highlights you were pretty sweet my dude.

  30. CHRIS TV says

    Subscribe to me

  31. CHRIS TV says


  32. Cason Chloe says


  33. Clxtch Xgreens says

    Dude I know I have a broken ankle I play every position it happened two weeks ago

  34. Graham Zuk says

    Hey Td can you play me and help me beat my friends.

  35. Blackhawksfan 20 says

    First off, you were really good at football. Second, when were you in high school, and finally, where did you get those highlights from.

  36. Roman Dentice says

    A qb

  37. Ēvø YT says

    U are better than Brady at running

  38. LowKust says

    Follow my YT please

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