1. S1 says

    who tf is Sadie Manie

  2. Will Bass says

    He really said Wan Bissaka should be YPOTY uno hahahahaha

  3. Benedict Samuel says

    Never back spurs or arsenal

  4. JmanG Jakey says

    “Let’s get me off for a moment”

  5. Alex Grant says


  6. Liam Cusack says

    not a lot of people predicted Liverpool to win the league? Are you sure about that Mark? I mean that's just not true, they'd just won the CL, finished 1 point off first and a lot of people saw City declining and not having the best transfer window and having a bad defence. A lot of people predicted them to win, stop trying to big yourself up.

  7. Arthur Bowman says

    Trent has been wan bissaka this season no doubt

  8. Invincible goat says

    The camera quality looks amazing for 1920 mark hasn’t aged a day.

  9. Max Valentin says

    Do some UCL Finals predictions

  10. Anthony Boardman says

    I predicted Liverpool would win the Premier League title by 12 clear points, before the season started and also believed City woulld become less consistant..!

  11. Paul says

    Your most hated team is Liverpool? Mate you constantly go on about Arsenal all the time.

  12. Bjørn Egil Hage says

    I think the 2020/21 season top 4 is much easier to predict. We and Chelsea will fight for 3rd and 4th behind Man City on 2nd and Liverpool winning it again. If our board cough up the money needed to buy the quality players we need, I think we will end up on 3rd again, but much closer to Liverpool than we ended up now.

  13. OBartle 27 says

    aguero would’ve had the most goals if he played he had the best goals to minutes ratio

  14. OBartle 27 says

    ‘it’s like an arsenal tweet it’s just annoying’ for real ???

  15. yt millenium says

    I could see where u went with the ndombele he did come from a farmer's league i respect it tho

  16. BabsW says

    1:10 Did Mark censor his own video? Lol!

  17. Ray Carl Brown-Amory says

    I said Liverpool would win the league unfortunately this year before it all started. They blew last year. They only need a goalie and cb and they would've win . I thought Manchester City would go more after champions league

  18. Callum O'Connor says

    The left hand is hurting ?

  19. praveen subbiah says

    imagine bruno playing for liverpool?

  20. Naoise O'Kane says

    As a passionate United fan but also an unbiased football fan we salute you mark keep up the good work ?? (LFC fan)

  21. Rachid Khamlichi says

    But did mark also say around November time he doesnt think Ole will make it to past January ?

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