1. Kaizer 88 says

    Reims are a bigger club than Bournemouth so don’t know what the fuck your on about with bale

  2. BuckShot James says

    Last comment on this video haha! i love how you ask your chat if to sign brewster they say no and you go and do it anyway ffs

  3. BuckShot James says

    DUDE fuck billing off ffs its annoying me now! just sell him

  4. BuckShot James says

    You really need to stop signing all these attackers and wingers man and invest in defence too! like i appreciate that you wanna sign some attackers but damn. its no good if your defence is as leaky as it was last season. you got dicked by most teams i mean even southampton smashed you on last day of the season!

  5. BuckShot James says

    i've just started watching this episode i really hope you didnt go ahead and listen to your chat signing Brewster!!!! i guess i'll see shortly

  6. Red Panda says

    Upload the save file

  7. Adam Persson says

    "Use the money to invest in loans" I have NEVER heard worse advice for a long term save are you fucking KIDDING ME chat?! What kind of donuts do you have in the live chat?

  8. Traumz Biggavelli says

    I play 4231 GengenPress with a bwm and BBM with inside forwards and ap with a poacher

  9. Amaru Levi says

    Omarion in this bich

  10. Arsenal For life says

    You should of loaned joe willock, he would be great for a year, and he’s got potential.

  11. Ren Mayers says

    5:16 manny signing wastemen and discards a prospect like that. Stop listening to the chat, they're clueless.

  12. Bo Lahn-Johannessen says

    Boadu, Malen, Stengs and Cody gapkan

  13. Bo Lahn-Johannessen says


  14. Bo Lahn-Johannessen says

    Thiago Almada my guy! Thiago Almada!

  15. UTFT says

    Callum Wilson helped me win the champions league 3rd season in with the blues ?

  16. scott chegg says

    Why get rid of ake

  17. Sarah Burchill says

    It was good going to Bournemouth

  18. Creative Lemon says

    I think you should sell Fraser and start Salcedo at left wing and with Frasers money buy a defender

  19. Creative Lemon says


  20. Therealgaz619 says

    Instead of offering all the money up front, put most of it in installments and bonuses, that way your transfer budget will spread further

  21. Milasavic99 says

    rasmus falk isnt french mate hes danish xD

  22. Rogers Elite Performance says

    Aina is dog defensively, sell him!

  23. Abdelrahman Maged Shalaby says

    FM really disrespecting Tottenham and making them shit

  24. Scott Greenaway says

    Vignato is a gd young winger.

  25. Scott Greenaway says

    Salcedo does Improve to a gd player but deffo better options on the game. I did a save with wolves and recommend raul Jimenez or cutrone both really gd goalscorers.

  26. Gamer clips 68 says

    Get Ruben blanco

  27. its.dingle says

    Please don’t play attacking constantly you need to stay on balanced and then judge how the game goes

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