1. Chinh Võ says

    Chưa gì thấy cổ động viên real quơ cờ trắng là hiểu rồi

  2. Arianto Marbun says

    BARCA 👍👍👍

  3. SKS tutorial says

    messi involved in all 5 goals

  4. Harry Susanto says


  5. A S u n f l o w e r says

    No one :

    Comentator : Alllah allah goal ya salam wabarak ash mubarak

  6. Faadumo Cabdullahi says

    إنه messi لا غيره 💯👌👏👏👏💪

  7. Scoda Octavia says


  8. Baller says

    King of goals
    King of assists
    King of playmaking
    King of dribbling
    King of Camp nou
    King of Bernabeu
    King of football

  9. Orel Dimanche says

    Lik 18 vese 27 jezi reponn yo sa lezom pa ka fe Bondye ka fe li

  10. Bishwa Nath Pokharel says

    10:31 messi bahubali, ronaldo katappa😂

  11. Call_N Adhikari says

    Never bored watching this

  12. Omar says

    VAR would have flagged 2 goal as a foul against Messi, he pushed Pepe in the chest. Anyway, those days are over, VAR is the king of cheater catcher.

  13. Mohammad Reza Fallahnezhad says

    Just these 2 games is enough for calling leo the best player of all time
    Destroyed real madrid. He had a role in all goals that barca scored
    3 goal and 2 assist
    He is from another planet
    Goat 🐐

  14. Mr Rayhan says

    When club football mean only this two team. But now the scenery is not same. There are some great club like bayern munich, liverpool, mancity etc

  15. عشاق ميسي says

    لكل عشاق ومحبي كره القدم شاهدوا فيديوهاتنا وفعلوا الجرس ولن تندموا علي متعه الفيديوهات 🙀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. muhammad sami says

    I love the comwntery guy cant understand most words but hes more aggressive then players

  17. R S6 says

    Not priceless messi but priceless team

  18. Tori Santiago says

    Niños rata de hoy en dia: Cristiano es mejor que Messi, Messi es mas humilde que cris etc
    Los pibes carita fachera que somos verdaderos amantes del futbol: Uf que golazos de ambos equipos, lastima que los dos mas grandes del futbol actualmente estan a punto de su retiro :c

  19. kamaroway günther says

    Real Madr9d

  20. jadou sport says
  21. Serko Moryasi says

    Haha Too think Barca had a player like villa to score them goals, now look at griezman. Can’t finish a one on one vs getafe

  22. Jupri Ubay says

    Messi…..messi…. urang kampung den tu…..

  23. Heroes Nub says

    Barca is the only One football club that conquered Santiago Barnebau

  24. YourClips says

    where can i find the full match?

  25. Quintino Vaz Lima says

    Someone else misses this Barça 😭😭

  26. martin ferreyra says

    Cuando te dicen que messi no aparece en partidos importantes y cr7 si.

  27. Nathan Bedford says

    What an ugly language Arabic that is

  28. F10 says

    Os lambedores de saco do CR7 no Brasil tinham q ver esse vídeo eles chamam o Messi de pipoqueiro 😂😂😂😂

  29. İlqar Abdullayev says


  30. Faisal Raja says

    Madrid kalau mau bersinar dan jaya sllu…RAMOS di buang aja…karena RAMOS itu mala petaka bg klop…main.a JELEK kaali….

  31. Thotrinchan Shimray says

    The most humble n energetic talented man call Messi ❤️👍👍👍

  32. ashraf hdaib says

    زمن الكلاسيكو المتعة .. التيكي تاكا .. الأهداف.. الاسيستات الرائعة … زمن الأساطير تشافي انيستا ..دافيد فيا ..كاكا … اوزيل..كريستيانو رونالدو .. وغيرهم … ارجو ان نشاهد كمثل هؤلاء المباريات في الكلاسيكو القادم بإذن الله

  33. Carlos kabuya Kabuya says

    Para quando o regresso de pep guardiola

  34. Carlos kabuya Kabuya says

    Nunca desrespeito

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