Realme X7 Pro Review – THE NEW VALUE CHAMP?


Here is my in-depth review of the Realme X7 Pro! Will this phone finally dethrone the K30 Ultra as the new value champ of 2020? Covering all topics in one video including camera, fast charging test and gaming and more! Stay tuned for more great content and full K30 ultra comparison soon! #RealmeX7Pro #Realme #DareToLeap

Time codes for the video:
00:00 – Intro & Pricing
00:57 – What’s inside the box
01:45 – Design
03:29 – Display
05:05 – YouTube Playback
05:24 – DRM Info
05:46 – Performance & Antutu
06:32 – Software
06:49 – Battery
07:13 – 65W Fast Charging Test!
08:49 – Fingerprint Scanner
09:13 – Vibration Motor/Haptics
09:40 – Comms
09:55 – Audio/Speaker Test
10:46 – Camera Specs
11:21 – Camera Samples
13:52 – Call of Duty Mobile!
15:59 – Final Verdict
18:02 – Question for YOU and wrap-up

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  1. Frankie Tech says

    Apologies guys for any drilling you may here in this one. Also my mic disconneted after 13:52 so audio quality is not a good in the last part of this video. Time codes for the video:00:00 – Intro & Pricing00:57 – What's inside the box01:45 – Design03:29 – Display05:05 – YouTube Playback05:24 – DRM Info05:46 – Performance & Antutu06:32 – Software06:49 – Battery07:13 – 65W Fast Charging Test!08:49 – Fingerprint Scanner09:13 – Vibration Motor/Haptics09:40 – Comms09:55 – Audio/Speaker Test10:46 – Camera Specs11:21 – Camera Samples13:52 – Call of Duty Mobile!15:59 – Final Verdict18:02 – Question for YOU and wrap-up

  2. mohammad hameed khan says

    I like k30 ultra because its looks very nice and I also like miui

  3. Xander Pulido says

    Whats the chipset?

  4. rocky spencer says

    Poco X3 best specs

  5. rocky spencer says

    Poco x3 besr

  6. saleh_ الربيعي says

    شكرآ على الشرح 🇮🇶❤

  7. NxT z94 says

    When will it come to UAE?Plzzz answer fast anyone

  8. gugugalnoot says

    I don't think it's worth the upgrade from my X2pro. Built quality seems better on X2pro. Performance still great with SD855+, same fast charging and great 90hz constant screen. Gaming is not for me and I don't see a lot of difference in camera performance.

  9. Aimopotis 80 says

    I will put it in a case so don't care about the plastic

  10. jimmy öström says

    In getting more and more impressed by this Realme X7 Pro.. I really understand why you have it as a value champ..

  11. Ronan Cardoso says

    Does x7pro support Portuguese language?

  12. anindha ghosh says

    Plz compare Between poco x3 vs x7 pro

  13. Gum Dum says

    Im glad i didn't pick up poco x3.

  14. And Sing says

    But realy in this price its Ufs 2.1 storage, plastic side frame , no telephoto camera ,no headphone jack😵are they maadddd,

  15. xTha ProKiller says

    Which watch are you wearing Frankie?

  16. بدر حلبية says

    Will it come out in the Arab market or not? I hope that you will answer me

  17. Saleh Ahmed says

    Dear frankie, whats this E3 amoled?

  18. Rick Jose's Vlogs says

    Do realme x7 and x7 pro will launch in philippines?

  19. Gaq says

    This is the realme 7 pro, right?

  20. Vythal says

    Xiaomi should optimize the performance of the Redmi K30 Ultra cause as you could see on the Realme x7 Pro it reached the 500,000 mark which K30 Ultra couldn't even do, though it was advertised to have a antutu score that is above 520,000.

  21. Mahin mahi says

    Frankie,plz review ZTE Axon 20 5G

  22. Dan Brown says

    Hey man! Can you hotspot this phone as a WiFi 6 sender?

  23. Ranji R says

    Great View @Frankie Tech.Thank You .. But does it come with HDR 10 or HDR 10+ certification .. How is the display quality..

  24. Marc Yeo Tech Review says

    I just bought Realme X3 Superzoom for just rm1399 on 9.9 and unboxed on my channel…damn phone price drops so fast

  25. Mohit Pradhan says

    Do Camera comparison with k30 ultra please

  26. Александр Юрченко says

    Frankie, I love you! But I think you'd better change your music for something more modern and of good quality.🙌❤️😉

  27. Asyraf Farhan says

    Is it available in Malaysia?

  28. Deyan Dimitrov says

    i would never buy this over k30 ultra… full screen always

  29. Devadarshan S says

    3:41: Isn't that personalisation option, a Color OS 11 feature?So is X7 Pro running on Realme UI 2.0?But why does everything else looks like the old UI?

  30. Sohaib Chinwi says

    Pliz test pubg mobile

  31. morrisonien says

    I prefer this size over Xiaomi's

  32. Esperanza Domingo says

    Lalabas ba to sa pinas?

  33. LOG RAGIB says

    how can i buy??

  34. Leena Antony says

    Hey great Video. Well explained. Is there any way submit my queries rather than by commenting

  35. Kobe Garzon says

    MDTK DIMENSITY is better than qualcomm snapdragon 800 series due to it's price difference with same performance

  36. Ahsan Arshad says

    Am i the only one who feels that screen is stuttering when Frankie is swiping? It doesn't feel like 120hz or maybe it's chipset problem? I don't know but it doesn't feel as smooth as phones with SD chipsets…i felt it on k30 ultra too

  37. Kham Muansang says

    Please compare with realme x2 pro

  38. Vaibhav Appu says

    We would really appreciate if you could compare it with the Realme X2 Pro. 2020's Flagship Killer vs 2019's Flagship Killer.

  39. the eagle says

    i need your help in my country k30 ultra and xiaomi mi 10 have the same price which one should i buy?

  40. Prince Virat says

    I Want Poco X3 NFC Compare With Realme X7 Pro

  41. Shihab says

    Hey! can you make a video about Realme X7 Pro Vs K30 Ultra and which should i go with? Im trying to buy a phone but I Couldn't decide whichone should I buy!

  42. ankit tiwari says

    What is the max graphics settings that we get in pubg?

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