Regenerative agriculture — a solution to climate change | Ben Dobson | TEDxHudson


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What if we could reverse global warming with just one methodological shift? Can the way we farm radically impact not just our output but also overwhelming wide-ranging concerns for our environment, hunger, and poverty? Ben Dobson has a unique, personal perspective on how we can make universal changes.

Growing up on an organic farm in Hillsdale, NY, Dobson was raised in an environment that was conscious of the ground. Having established multiple organic agriculture businesses in the Northeast, dabbled in coffee importation from Haiti, and assisted in producing and exporting organic products from the Dominican Republic, Dobson has now returned to his roots. He is currently working to plan and transition Stone House Farm in Livingston, NY, into an organic and sustainable producer. Implementing the “no-till” method, the transition of Stone House Farm is based on holistic management of our land to retain and rebalance the earth and bring healthy grains and meats to local markets.

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  1. Lynda Schroeder says

    Thank you so much! Our farming endeavor was amazing using cover crops. You are realllllly correct. Bless you!!!!!

  2. Rui Viegas says

    04:26 …. knot in my throat in the next 10 seconds! :'(((

  3. Lynda Schroeder says

    Great !!!!! !!!

  4. Htin aungshien says

    I do appreciated your methodology.When do you start and please share me next time your experiences.

  5. Antediluvian Atheist says

    'Regenerative farming produces better crops, less pollution, and is cheaper.''Yeah, but the fertiliser lobby has a lot of money. so we are not doing it.'

  6. Jason Morris says

    We do this and more Thousand hills Farm …love the earth she loves us back##!

  7. Laura Martins says



    Stop pacing! Permaculture is the only way to go.

  9. Reniel Rocaberte says

    Wonderful talk topic and I want to connect to you Sir Ben for I am planning for agriculture farming.

  10. Hailey Marie says

    I love this video so much. It's inspired me through high school and my college career. I've used this talk for countless papers.

  11. whiskfern says

    Great for those who have small farms and the income to run them. Completely unworkable and unscalable at the "industrial" scale. And to feed the 7.5 billion people on our Planet, whether we like it or not, we must have big agricultural concerns.

  12. Nick Rigas says

    What a wonderful video. Hopefully, the more farmers that start practicing this method of farming and the cost of organic vegetables is cheaper than regular farmed vegetables. It's a win win situation when a farmer does not need to buy chemicals.

  13. Breck Shortley says

    Okay. I have found a dozen Ted Talks on this subject. If it’s so obvious to all these scientists and specialists that we have to restore the land with plants and cows moving over the land to matt it down and fertilize it to get all the excess carbon out of the air, then why isn’t it obvious to everyone running for President in the Democratic party or most of Congress. Seriously, these people are idiots if they think that cows are the problem. Cows on the land is what will save us. Please check out the rest of these Ted Talks on this subject. And then write your Congressman. The department of agriculture is wrong.

  14. Andre Martel says

    I give the like, let's go let's do this everywhere!! don't let big money ruin your plans, we want it to be done.

  15. Martin Hatchuel says

    "This world has a lot of problems, and a lot of potential solutions. But what if there was one solution to fix a lot of these problems?"Regenerative agriculture is the infinite game that'll get us out of the wrong-headed finite game of corporate monoculture. It's more about staying in the game, (which is the reason why we play the infinite game) and less about producing greater yields (which is a folly that the finite game can never actually, and sustainably, achieve).

  16. Marcel Lenormand says

    Excellent. I love what you’re saying and modelling. Keep going!Just next time, stand still! 😉

  17. Paul Zink says

    Ted should do a regenerative ag themed event with many talks like this.

  18. Nick D says

    How many think T E D should be Technology Ecology & Design rather than the E standing for entertainment, which should be implicitly understood so doesn’t need stating. ?

  19. Kathy Wagner says

    Stop growing soy for gods sake.

  20. Hans Christian Tankred says

    My god I wish he would stop pacing back and forth.


    I cant wait to do this on my future farm

  22. John Shafer says

    Also we need to pay farmers a living wage along with doing environmental benefits on their farms. I like rotational grazing. Let's mimic nature as much as possible. We also need an urban agricultural practices too.

  23. Savory Institute says

    Thank you for all the great work you do! We're proud to be working alongside folks like this to bring forth the regenerative agriculture revolution.

  24. Andrew Olgado says

    interesting talk and nice idea, but somewhat lacking in science behind it. Where is he getting his figures from? 15 tonnes of CO2 is locked in the cover crop in one acre. OK let's take that as given, but then that cover crop is breaking down and decomposting therefore releasing CO2 among other gases. Surely the soil won't take that all up? Possibly only a small proportion will be held in the soil as organic matter. Great for the soil, but I'm not sure it will make that much difference to global warming unfortunately

  25. Lisa Huck says

    so interesting!

  26. Vegan Diver Katt says

    We definitely need to start looking at our agricultural practises as they are one of the driving forces between climate change, deforestation, top soil loss etc!

  27. FarmerBenny says


  28. Lee Dilley says

    Wonderful TED Talk. This farming practice will have benefits for all!

  29. Michael Bender says

    Fantastic. Hopefully this idea (and practice) will spread far and wide.

  30. johnmburt1960 says

    Don't respond to deniers trolling the comments.When you encounter deniers, just step around them as you would any other obstacle.

  31. moma jugy says

    Poor baby. Somebody get him a jacket that fits.

  32. Glyn says

    What global warming?  Climate Change is simply the weather.  You may have noticed it's never constant.

  33. sheepblitzer says

    What species is the cover crop?

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