1. Anton Kloopy says

    2020 there, and I still think this game sick

  2. Salam Sundip Singh Sundip says

    this game is so sad

  3. John von Shepard says

    Only 720p you jerk!

  4. IRMacGuyver says

    Seems pretty stupid they use wireless ports for their memory.

  5. SammySlamma says

    First time I played this I hated it, gave up an hour or two in. A year later I picked it up again and found myself falling in love with it the more I played it. By the end of the game I was blown away. While it may not be perfect, the story and music makes this one of my favourite games of all time.

  6. T D says

    ofc she has an accent lol

  7. Hong Kong Hermit says

    For anyone arriving here in 2017 thinking about playing this game: please do so, it is sublime. But play it with the French audio and subtitles, the English dub is what sucks the atmosphere and energy out of this very French game.

  8. zorrozol says

    you knoW Why its a female character only?
    Cause if it was male, he could jerk off and Wont remember any thing.

  9. Onofrio Masina says

    Funny that nobody remembers this game

  10. UBERMENSCH says

    Irony at its finest.

  11. Matthew Davison says

    *1080p* ok..

  12. Cruzan9 says

    Total Recall Nouveau

  13. CeroneGames Go says

    This game was great.

  14. Ty Givens says

    I forgot about this jawn. It was pretty fun actually

  15. actionjessie says

    but where's Chloe though

  16. Максим Воробьёв says


  17. Lyness Rogers says

    why have i never hear dof this game???

  18. Harambe says

    wat is this mirror's edge mixed with batman arkham knight

  19. Ak47 says

    it get a bit emotional at the end ,unique fantasy

  20. Subi_fan says

    Fuck the critic reviews, this game is solid.

  21. Shaun Zafar says

    Maybe its the character, but this gives off a Beyond Good and Evil hint

  22. Red Knight says

    Wow, such an original story line!

  23. donald sturdivant says

    What is the three letters access code to the brown door that has hominis m3mories evolutio, im stuck need help.

  24. ContentRequest says

    Made for your girlfriend.

  25. Patrick says

    Great Game, up there with Last of Us

  26. Holacom says

    this is only 720p fucking 1080 bullshit

  27. Goo Lala says

    What's wrong with him thinking it's the best game FOR HIM? Seriously, what is it with people trying to push their own opinions on others.

  28. Reminiscable says

    Games have to be cliché because people only play what's similar to what they are familiar with or they won't know what the game is about (for example a CoD fan might not be interested in EVE and an EVE fan might not be interested in LoL). So the gaming industry must cater to the market demand, which is a target audience of people who play games from the same genre. As for spelling and grammar being lacking, I find that reading books helps to improve reading and writing ability.

  29. Alex Handzhiev says

    You don`t play a lot of games do you ? Best ?! 😀 HAA

  30. Omar Sherif says


  31. Nothingtoseehere says

    Looks alright, kind of unoriginal though. Wouldn't think of picking it up till the price sinks a bit.

  32. Lokopo says

    Best game story i ever played…and best action playwise as well. just completed. very creative and great idea of human memory alteration for better life and future.

  33. Mark says

    It's clearly 720p, not 1080p lol.

  34. says

    Nice spelling dip f*ck (subsribe)

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