Restoration Old Agricultural Machinery Family Japan | Restore 4-Stroke Petrol Rusty Broken (Part1)


Restoration Old Agricultural Machinery Family Japan | Restore 4-Stroke Petrol Rusty Broken 100%
Hi. We found an abandoned agricultural machine in a garden. The machine has been seriously damaged, no longer able to operate. We have decided to restore this old device. It will take a lot of time to get it working. We will try to make it usable again. There is a lot of work to do. We will try to perfect it in the next video. Thanks to everyone who watched the video,
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  1. GGigabiteM says

    25:35 – It seems like all of these repair channels do the same thing, throw the cam gear in a random position. The timing marks aren't lined up properly, this engine will never run correctly. It may run, but it won't run right due to the valves opening at the wrong time.

  2. Руслан says

    Молотком по подшипникам, это нечто

  3. Руслан says

    У нас давно бы его спиздили и сдали бы на металл

  4. Luis Miguel Moya San Miguel says

    Yo alucino, ¿ Como se puede acordar de todo para volver a montarlo y que funcione? Es un genio. Saludos desde España

  5. Nick Francis says

    What happened to the rest of the tiller

  6. Россиянин says


  7. Tony thompson says

    Hey bro good job but never use gasket silicone on the head it wont last it will blow out the side and then wont run

  8. แบบจ่นๆ Channel says

    Thailand. 12,000.- baht old

  9. Manihot Esculenta says

    0:31 i did not know jackfruit bore a such a small size. ours are over twenty feet tall.

  10. Benny Ogden says

    Excellent video man keep up the good work

  11. alex12031968 says

    what about part 2? lost in the fields?

  12. Юрий Фоменко says

    Ёлки палки!Двигатель мотоблока Нива! Один к одному!

  13. علي العراقي says


  14. Eduardo Hernandez says

    ¿Son restauraciones personales ó trabajos de clientes?…Siempre he tenido esa duda con tus excelentes trabajos.

  15. Khaled Almonawer says


  16. Jenn Dysart says

    Nice job! Looking forward to part 2!

  17. Besta anand says


  18. Mike James says

    Must have a workshop manual, (in his head).

  19. Владимир Калинин says

    Думал пойду тоже в сад схожу, может мотоблок какой ржавый найду, но нихуя, нашел только лопатку.

  20. rlm98253 says

    Nicely done, sir.

  21. Brady Land says

    Love the paint colors the best 👌 match ever

  22. bubum zuzum says

    Клапана не выставил, карбюратор не настроил, зажигание – " на глаз". Эх, Китай…

  23. Gold model ជាងមាស says

    Hello I am a platinum refiner please support me

  24. Saved drip says

    "look what i found" ya bullshit come on….stop faking the beginning and just fix the shit

  25. まどぴっと says

    小型農業機械は手入れと 保管が良い状態ではないことが多く その多くは錆によって美観が損なわれ より一層放置されてしまう事が多いようです。
    少しの手間を惜しまずメンテナンスをするか 機械の好きな人に依頼して正常に戻し 長く大事に使ってもらいたいです。

  26. joão Evangelista Gomes da Silva says

    Muitíssimo bem👏👏👏

  27. Mohammad Titi says

    والله هذا ابو زنوبه بيستحق انو يعيش. وال السعود بيستحقوا الاباده

  28. BlueSky says

    Rooster makes the work so nice 👌

  29. 7richardt7 says

    OK, so we can dismantle, wash, clean, paint, buy some new bits and then put it all back together and it’s called a “Restoration “ ? No rebore, valve grind or carburetor overhaul, just toss it all together even spray can the block with the valve springs getting a coat, silver paint and oil together, not so good, just sayin!!!

  30. mark jeffels says

    Is that bread fruit?

  31. chrpchr1 christodoulou says


  32. Thomas Richardson says

    When will part 2 video to view. Like your video's

  33. mark huerta says

    Wich parta you put NEW. I only count the inside bearing. Did you buy carbuator, spark plug and othet stuff??

  34. Carton TV _ carton hữu ích says

    a great rebuild for old machines

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