Reza Farahan on Posting Sensitive Information about Mercedes Javid’s Health | WWHL


Reza Farahan talks about the “disgusting” words he said to Mercedes Javid at the pool party and Andy Cohen asks him about posting texts detailing Mercedes’ health on Instagram.

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  1. Sloane DeRothschild says

    She killed 10 kids ???????????

  2. Joanna Rivera says

    Ewwwww…no respect

  3. Sandra Logan says

    MJ is vindictive manipulative and jealous. When cornered she only admits what she has to and doesn't take responsibility. Reza at least owns what he does.

  4. Janell Coulter Hopkins says

    He's a messy Queen.

  5. Junior Jr. says

    I had no idea they were still around… I thought they've been cancelled

  6. Nichol Westendorf says

    Who needs enemies when these are your friends

  7. Deborah Gharakhani says

    Dang MJ

  8. Gunny Pacheco says

    Ugh he is pos

  9. lissette vasconez says

    She lost weight

  10. Rania O'Farrell says

    Shame on you Reza. This is by far the most disgusting, vile, inhuman behavior. You are a dark soul that needs to finds the light. I can never look at you the same. The most horrific thing I have ever heard come out of someones mouth.


    That is pure evil. I would never forgive him!

  12. Miss Conceiteality says

    This is a man I think we can say is gay because of rejection from women . He’s so in love with MJ obsessed that he says the ugliest thing to her , that he could possibly say. Toxic af

  13. JacubT Scorpio says

    Her uterus is bloated because she had an abortion? Isint he gay? So why does he care about a woman’s vagina. Honey hang it up reza is done Aldente there’s no coming back from that.. that’s the type of person I would not even argue with just block him on everything and keep it pushing with my life

  14. VSG says

    He didnt lie tho the truth hurts mj move along

  15. Naya Revolutionary says

    Reza is mean as hell lol

  16. Erin Ryan says

    Even Andy was unimpressed with his response about the medical record

  17. Rebel Heart says

    How long has this been going on? I liked the show but it most get canceled

  18. Peter says

    But I thought you Democrats love abortions

  19. Mr. B says

    He needs to be gone.

  20. set c says

    Ugh, time to let go and move on without each other. How can either of them trust the other again? Friends don't treat each other like this. There is a history in this group of just demolishing each other, then "we're best friends!", demolishing, making up again like besties. Healthy people don't do this.

  21. Tinker Vance says

    What people don’t realize is that these 2 are a match made in heaven‼️ We’ve watched 7 other seasons of these 2 acting like F O O L S & bullying other cast members! They are so much alike that it’s stupid! They both are toxic and will do whatever they can to get another season. Adam & Tommy need to run! This is the kind of drama they both love to keep in their everyday life! If you think that Reza & MJ are not going to comeback together & bully the hell out of Destiny & Nema then your crazy!! By the way, Nema is waaaaay to good of a person to be on this show or friends with these people. Destiny also is too!

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