Rita Ora – Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)


See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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  1. Tadeo Killian says

    La Palvin???

  2. Aldair Alexander says

    Esas mujeres no comen?

  3. Alberto Monteagudo says

    Someone: How many golden accessories do you want? Rita: YES!

  4. Дмитрий Стаканов says

    модели просто НОЛЬ,РИТА БОГИНЯ,и РЕАДЬНО посмотрите

  5. キョウジュロウ says


  6. Sapphire Cat says

    Anyone notice the floor?

  7. Duda Becker says

    Shit, i'm feeling so lesbian

  8. Brx Brx says

    Kosovo je Srbija????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Adi Sur says

    Aw you very sexi .i very much your song make give up &alive.a spesialisasi you

  10. SarinA AR says

    Thanks to the gay issue.. No Victoria secret show anymore. Shd be model by genuine female model and not transgender…

  11. Κώστας Παπανικολάου says

    I dont like skinny girls, no offense

  12. Nicko Sanchez says

    my God ! I've got attracted 1:32 what's her name ?

  13. Jolina Lee says

    Poor Models Rita is stealing them the Show?❤️

  14. ho C says

    OMG Barbara Palvin!!! She’s so confident and her body is not too skinny ,but so wonderful!!! She got the best fit??❤️

  15. Dua Lipa Lover says

    The chick that showed off her african dance moves???

  16. Rafaelle Dela Cruz says

    0:15 who's thisI like her

  17. Hi Slicer says

    4:01 this is all you need

  18. anbumax anbubu says


  19. Microsoft 100 says


  20. asep sanjaya says

    Mantap jiwa?

  21. Lee Xian says

    All VS models are fine ladies, but still I will pick Rita she's so damn gorgeous and nailed it the performance and outfit..

  22. Viktor S says

    Рита лучше этих досок

  23. Dee Sighross says

    Okay im convinced behati and candiced are not human. They are goddesses

  24. ᄋᄋ says

    3:34 so cuteeeee … love you barbara

  25. Priya Thasarathan says


  26. Zarah says

    i don't understand how someone didn't faint. I would've dropped.

  27. Penélope Martinez says

    Adam is like ..yesss She's My wife

  28. Bald On The World says


  29. Samy Sam says

    They really look incomplete without their wings

  30. Mukesh Bhatti says

    Rita looks so beautiful n amazingly done the performance.. ??in fact hard to focus on models when she's around ??

  31. Edonit Qenaj says

    I wanna se billie eilish to sing on a victoria secret catwalk!

  32. Rob says

    Barbara is the most beautiful model ever!

  33. 2000music says

    Rita Ora her voice is sheer perfection

  34. JOEL BALINANG says

    Galing naman Ganda pa..

  35. Chiara Poppa says

    Una delle migliori …

  36. C J says

    Rita is the fucking shit!!

  37. TRACY LEMON says

  38. Cristopher Alexander says

    Rita is fine asf

  39. nu tanya says

    สาวที่ได้เดินบนเวทีนี้คือสวยแป๊ะเวอร์ทุกคนยิ่งกว่านางงามที่ประกวดบนเวทีอีก ??????????

  40. Luis Rodriguez says

    Don't be sorry and don't be stupid. They all look eatable. Dumb Ass!

  41. Diana cruise says

    Rita look ???????????

  42. Fuck you Bitch says

    1:55 she's a mood

  43. Greeshma Solanki says

    Love you Barbara palvin I am a huge fan of u .U killed the runway

  44. Nazarena Mendez says

    2:50 Bárbara ?

  45. André Luiz Silva says

    Princesa gatinha gostosa linda bom boneca. Gata homem solteiro sexo. Sexo. Sexo. Sexo Andre. Liizpintodasiva. Bom???????????????????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️?????????????

  46. Walter Sanabria says

    Que bien que canta rita me encanta este desfile

  47. Sandani Rangika says


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