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? ★★ Rules of chat ★★ ?

►No Spam, Self Promotion or Promoting Others
►No Racism/Profanity, Treat Each Other Humbly.
►No Trash Talking For other Youtubers/Streamers.
►No discussion on Politics.
►Respect Moderators.
►Do not ask why got timed out.
►Don’ t let anyone spoil your fun in chat and help in keeping the chat clean by reporting spammers/abusive trolls .

? ★PC specs below ★ ?

GPU – GTX 1060 zotac AMP version
Processor: Core i7
Ram: 16 GB DDR4
PSU: Logitech G 102
Internet Speed: 15 Mbps Up & 60 Mbps Down
Headset: Sennseiher PC 8
Keyboard: Logitech K120
Mouse: Logitech G102
Mouse Pad: Amazon Basics

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Disclaimer : this live stream occasionally contains strong language and violence (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults) . All the charecter in this live stream are fiction and there is no relation with reality . This live stream dose not meant to offend any person , place or a thing .

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