1. Swapnil Mandape says

    bakwas banata hai butter eske bap ne to aisa lagaya tha kya sale ko butter cut kqrne ko bhi taklif hai kya

  2. Manuel Aguirre says

    Are the kitchen utensils even cleaned before cooking it looks dirty needs to be cleansed?

  3. Manuel Aguirre says

    Damn? bacteria. shouldn't that egg bowl be cleaned before you scramble egg in it.

  4. Manuel Aguirre says

    I look into this video and it's so trippy how food is cooked in India. I want to pass this channel up. "But i can't" ? its kinda like crazy good and weird ?at the same time but i love love it? I'm hypnotized?watching meals being cooked?

  5. Herbie Go Bananas says

    I’ll take mine with a side order of Imodium please

  6. JoNnYHaLo says

    That looks so friggin delicious ?

  7. Rohit Singh says

    2 andey aur banane waale ke fundey Butter ka khel aur curry jhel ab bhagwaan hi jaane Kaise hoga male

  8. Faisal Alenezi says

    i wonder what he's thinking while cooking this shit

  9. mikel may says

    Just plain nasty, he's dirty, bowls are disgusting…

  10. Imran Kachhi says

    Heart attack omlet is ready

  11. Pranjal Saikia says

    what a food.give me some food

  12. Lisa Moroney says

    What is it with the egg obsession in India ?

  13. Udaya Liyanage says


  14. Jorge Mercado says

    El mismo procedimiento la falta de HIGIENE y SALUBRIDAD, como todos en la elaboración de esas comida.No lavan los utensilios es uso tras uso sin lavarse y venga el próximo. Yo no comeria en esos lugares .

  15. Ghost Gutarist says

    Guys Watching From out side of India, " THIS IS NOT INDIAN FOOD" . these are the Product of JOB LESS guys Getting Creative with FOOD , I bet even they don't know what they did. And People who eats it….. GOOD LUCK.

  16. Sourav Chakraborty says

    Actually we don't came here for any egg dish or recipe. We just came here to see comments.??Actually comment section is more hilarious than the food ???Cheese aur butter ki maa chod di ?

  17. Saurabh Tewary says

    Looks so…..Uncooked….looks like loose motion…?

  18. Meeta Beley says


  19. Gregory Von Dare says

    The rest of the world is going to have to crack down on this kind of dangerously unhygienic cooking. They won't go out of business to use cleaner utensils and methods.

  20. Lyndon Gutierrez says

    Why all indians street food are ??

  21. M rahman ove says


  22. Colin Whiston says


  23. Kipper De La Vega says

    Lovely dish Lovely recipe for chorro.

  24. Evan Rains says

    Is there some cultural reason as to why NONE of these fools wash their damn hands??

  25. chirag 4125 says

    Atleast first cook it properly then press it

  26. CookingNest says

    This channel is limited to vadodara amd surat only…

  27. tongkatable says

    Throw some pork or beef in there then you’d be doing something!!

  28. Akshay Chaturvedi says

    Isko jo khaega hospital main shaheed ho jaega.?

  29. John Sanchez says

    That is so gross ewwww

  30. darkheartlightsoul says

    Meep meep

  31. Malcom Craig says

    What's the yellow on his hand? Unhygiene, nasty. Wanna watch but don't wanna eat

  32. Prathamesh Thakur says

    Bhaiya 1 plate butter dena omelette marke.

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