ROASTING MILAN FASHION WEEK (versace has officially lost it, bottega veneta sucks, and celine dion)


The Italian fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta are legendary brands who are sought out for their leather and non-leather goods, but did their collections hold up to that legacy? Gucci explored childhood, which pushed Alessandro Michele’s imagination. Richard Quinn cleaned up with his Moncler Genius runway show, which was an out-there outerwear take on brand signatures. Prada was weird but reflected on brand signatures, which is nice but still complex to take in. Moschino just said “Let them eat cake” but I don’t know if Jeremy Scott understands the word’s more modern meaning. Francesco Risso’s Marni just reminded me of the Somebody That I Used To Know” music video. This Versace collection will most likely live on, as the crusty finale dress hem is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Bottega Veneta is just weird, like every season. It just makes no sense, but the bags are nice. And Fendi closed out the week with a powerful dissertation on fabrics and textile manipulation done masterfully by Silvia Venturini Fendi.

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  1. ferre77 says

    Fendi hands down had the best show. Those sweaters and jackets with the puff sleeves were perfection!!! And that one structured black leather coat!!!

  2. Aquarian says

    Moschino really based these 18th century shape from Manila Luzon's alls stars runway.

  3. Ivan Larkine says

    Luke, a small hint, in french the last consonant is never pronounced if there's no vowel after it, so it's "abi" à la française.And you know, you can also use google translator audio option to check the pronounciation of french stuff.Sorry to be annoying.

  4. soravit choochuen says

    Your shirt is very nice, LUKE

  5. M A says

    How can i listen to you when u wearing this??? What is that??

  6. Strawberry Jam says

    i actually really liked the gucci a lot

  7. Valerija Zelenkova says

    the gucci children inspired collection made me ✨u n c o m f y✨ we don’t need more sexualisation of children in this industry

  8. Torpedo Bear says

    Why do some of those looks seem like they are a Crafty Panda/5 minute crafts t-shirt fringe hack job? Like seriously- conspiracy??

  9. marlon Sanchez G says

    praise marni? but hated versace this review is trash

  10. Becca J says

    That Moncler collection… I audibly gasped

  11. Lauren Drube says

    FENDI was amazing. Loved every look.

  12. Dirty Fish says

    Why don’t models smile?They all look like creepy mannequins

  13. Meghan Derby says

    okay but i want every one of those insane GUCCI gowns luke said no one will actually wear

  14. Sebastian Belli says

    Where can i find thet moncler runway?

  15. rishika raj says

    Yasmeen and NaomiQueens <3

  16. Nandini Upadhyay says

    I loved the Moschino collection!

  17. Catherine Jen Lucena says

    fendi holy shit?

  18. Catherine Jen Lucena says

    those rococo skirts would be perfect for social distancing

  19. maria paz says

    in what world hyper-femininity and hyper-masculinity translate into drowning the runway with boring all-black looks.

  20. David R. Webb says

    Jacobins on suicide watch after seeing that Moschino collection

  21. Ana Jelic says

    Fendi was delightful

  22. Britni Okay says

    Came for the Marni review, stayed for the Versace roast.

  23. Ald gr says

    I got news for you: Being gay and mean isn’t a personality. Stop being bitter about EVERYTHING and everyone.

  24. beem nn says

    "habit" is pronounced " abi "

  25. Seth Bender says

    Celine looked ?

  26. Odette says

    Gucci models scare me

  27. V Gray says

    I would wear those Gucci dresses!!!! You only get one life.

  28. Peekaku Chu says

    Your top is ugly

  29. Sarah Smith says

    Fendi was amazing!

  30. Aubrey Langford says

    looks like Scott was heavily "inspired" by RuPaul's Drag Race

  31. MamaBearPhe says

    Yes yes yes to everything you said about Versace! ? %

  32. MamaBearPhe says

    Those “puffs dresses” would sell well with the Russian Oligarchs set.

  33. Nia Lynx says

    Honestly, there is NOT a single thing that I WOULDN'T wear from that Moschino collection!!! So, so beautiful and interesting- especially the psychadelic twist <3. All in all- I wish I could afford it 😀

  34. RAAP Mayra says


  35. Nad G says

    What's this obsession with fringes, omg, make them stop

  36. Renata BR says

    The Gucci models bothered me so much. They look like starving kids, as in hold hostage children dressed by a sick pedo. I can't unsee It. (barf)

  37. jason Shores says

    I want to just go back to the '90s when fashion was fun, supermodels ran around looking fabulous.

  38. cyber bunni says

    6:45 now imagine that dress on rihanna. a moment. a cultural reset.

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