Roblox Song ♪ “Run Away With Me“ Roblox Music Video (Roblox Animation)


Will you run away with me?
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Welcome to Roblox Song ♪ “Run Away With Me“ Roblox Music Video ! This is an original song me and my good producer friend Popty made. I did the vocals, he did the production! Huge shoutout to Ranimated for making the animation!!! This total video and song have been in the works for over a month and a half so I really hope you enjoy it.


Instagram: ZephPlayz
Twitter: ZephPlayz

Prod. By Popty:
Animation By Ranimated:
Vocals & Lyrics By Zeph (Me lol)

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  1. ZephPlayz says

    Here’s a free repeat button 🙂 0:00

  2. Lil babby says


  3. Dark silver Alan walker says

    Btw I knew that song

  4. Dark silver Alan walker says

    I LIKE IT!!!

  5. lobstergaming04 says

    doesnt make sense

  6. XD Jerry says

    Repeat Button 0:00

  7. XD Jerry says


  8. Amanda Clark says


  9. Natalie Donovan says

    Thank you zephplays I love this song

  10. Mavi Sri Teju kutty Atrocities says


  11. Vanechay Sullivan says


  12. SSBN Master says

    This song is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!????

  13. SSBN Master says

    We will all run away with u.???

  14. HELIOS KOR JUN HEE Moe says


  15. HELIOS KOR JUN HEE Moe says

    the reverse of the roblox…….

  16. # KJL says

    Errrr why are there two same videos the other one is tales of roblox and it’s created by Ranimated Its totally the same dude who copied who’s video I wonder

  17. Cr7plays Gaming says

    woah nice hwo do u do that

  18. Kayla DellaGhelfa says


  19. Norse God says

    Who sung dis song

  20. Luisa Ramirez says

    Awsome song

  21. Surani Daud says

    I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  22. CelineJoy Arellano says

    Boy: 🙂 Bully: lets bully him Bully 2: yeahBoy: ahhhBoy: :(Both: ha ha ha ha haBoy: walking aroundBoy: woahBoy: wowBoy: ahhhLight: saves the boy Boy: woah Boy: ahhhhhBoy: walks aroundBullys: lets bully him againBoy: :(Bullys:he he he he heBoy: woahLight: come here boy i will beat themBoy: catch me if you canBully: get back hereBoy: he heLight: beats the bullyBully 2: WHAT ahhhhhhBoy: walks to the farmBully 1: pushes the boyBoy: :(Bully 1: puts the farm on fireBoy: ahhhhLight: come on me boy i will save youBoy: gets on the lightBoy: weeeeeeeLight: gets bully 1Bully 1: OWLight: turns into a farm wizzard or somethingBully 1: oh no he he oh shootLight: go’s to the skyThe end

  23. Kristoff Cristobal says

    New comment here

  24. Your momma has joined the chat says

    Thats why girls loves zeph

  25. Musaab M says


  26. Tristan D says

    0:48 it's the spirit of music :0

  27. Mortada Albedri says

    I'll really run away with you 🙂

  28. Mortada Albedri says

    I'll run away with you

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