Roblox Thriller Music Video feat FGTeeV, ThinkNoodles, Flamingo, ItsFunneh


Roblox Thriller Music Video feat FGTeeV, ThinkNoodles, Flamingo, ItsFunneh

This is my first attempt at using animation software to recreate Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller music video. Featuring some of my favourite Roblox YouTubers FGTeeV, ThinkNoodles, Flamingo and ItsFunneh. Check out their channels below and let me know which YouTubers should appear in the next video.





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  1. The Meg and Mo Show says

    For those who are wondering, this isn't from a Roblox game. The animation was created using software called Blender 😊

  2. Sara Soffiyya says

    Why funneh is there is she a tomboy or something?

  3. Joshua Stein says


  4. Lisa Olsen says

    That is so funny 😂🤣 I love it so much . you are the best I wish I could see you

  5. Choungpu Thadou says


  6. ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ 彼 • says

    Yow funneh lookin' like Micheal Jackson lol,funneh look creepy i love it

  7. C Corcoran says

    I’ve been a fan from FGTeeV a 3 years

  8. Ink Fitz says


  9. Grøøkęŷ Thé çùtīē says

    My guys are playing just dance

  10. Extremelightningwolfgamer says

    i have not watched u since quartine

  11. NehalPlayz says

    Awesome, man! This video is so funny. I like your videos and can you shout me out?

  12. Juan Araullo says

    Bruhhhhhhhhhh LOL

  13. Sydney Marie says

    It’s good! I mean yeah. The lightning is good touch

  14. Troxve says

    When you want to attack these famous YouTubers, but you see them dancing like umm, crazy wild, you will run away and will never return

  15. Cute Smell Good Freshies says

    l like good

  16. Exit 911 says

    This looking good man.

  17. Juan Gomez says

    lol soooooo lol

  18. Brandon Lam says

    Nahid released secret ending steps go do a live stream bye 🙂

  19. scionskydiver50 says


  20. Bluekite 505 says

    Woah Epic.

  21. Friendship Fun says


  22. Georgia Flex says

    Dance it boy ALSO mos a moron

  23. MegaSquadJaxon Dagg says

    Thriller by Michael Jackson in roblox

  24. Matt Salmon says

    The best is wearing blue

  25. Matt Salmon says


  26. Jordi X says

    this verly epic

  27. Dragon toons says

    Best music of all time!

  28. 100k subscribers Please says

    Um this is good and i getting scared because of the movement

  29. Elon Musk says

    what the.

  30. Emoji YT - Roblox says

    The song is Thriller.

  31. rezhan gamimgtoon's Replace's says


  32. Evan’s World says

    This is probably a game on roblox that lets you use people’s avatars in skits like beat up simulator they probably don’t know that you did this but still it looks good!

  33. Kati Jo Sizzlepop says


  34. Alivia Nixon says

    can you pls follw me on roblox livinix2010

  35. William Heyward says

    I like this

  36. oluwatoni oduleye says

    Mo you are the only YouTuber that ever notices me so I'll just like to say thank you for that

  37. Jordan P Plays says

    Mo- I'm streaming Friday

    Mo- I'm streaming Saturday
    Mo- Release's the video not stream

    Me- there is lying Mo Among Us

  38. Kristīne Arkliņa says

    That is cool! <3 :p <3

  39. Vene Lopez says

    Dear mo, This is the best thing you ever did, you rock

    -from venyplay

  40. Aarya Patel says

    This is cool and make a Nother one 😎😎

  41. Dylan Coreas Escobar says


  42. it6318 on Youtube says

    This is soo Epic! I thought that this was why you were in studio though… but the animation style is different from the Roblox-Animation-Maker!

  43. the lemon ARMY chef says

    Dude this looks sick

  44. XxCloudyTeddyBearxX says

    This made my day.

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