1. joelian menor says

    why does albert look so buff XD

  2. Natalie Weaving says

    You look hoŕrible

  3. Ranzaxx says

    i wonder what the cashiers thought, seeing a grown man buying at least 100 dollars worth of jojo siwa merch.

  4. Mischa Uy says

    corona virus is typing…

  5. Preety Sehrawat says

    Albert Is not racist So I am saying I am Gay-

  6. Lynne Mitchell says

    I never imagined Albert in Jojo siwa merch

  7. Hannah シ says

    How the flip do u have muscles 💪

  8. Aisha Adam says

    are we not gonna talk about his muscles and veins……😃

  9. rei sakuya says

    I never thought I'd think Albert was extremely handsome in Jojo siwa merch

  10. Omar Gamingaccount says

    when I saw flamingo wear everything I was laughing my face off

  11. Maelie Victoria Castro says

    Everyone who needs care go to Albert 🙂 he has a lot of time 🙂 sorry I'm corny ;-;

  12. *- FrostFix -* says

    U should play arcade Island since we're in quarantine it is very good u can play each game

  13. Joe PERDRIX says


  14. Baby Roses says

    came here from his instagram post😏😏

  15. Verdi Alexander says


  16. Tiger Tiger Spy says

    Plz do vlogs Albert

  17. IAM ROBLOX says

    Already this many comments wow

  18. Girlie Selection says

    albert in game: thicc
    albert irl: buff

  19. Cedric Tallion says

    Albert is hella ripped lmao

  20. BraeLynn Gittens says

    omg i am dying of lagher with the jojo merch

  21. Mega Cat says

    Jo Jo Is anime

  22. Shadow Wolfe eclipse says

    You made me feel the most ✨🏳️‍🌈 gay pride 🏳️‍🌈✨ today even though I know Flamingo isn’t ✨🏳️‍🌈 gay 🏳️‍🌈✨

  23. Catherine Palad Milan says

    Rather than albert wearing jojo bizzare outfit he wear jojo siwa instead

  24. Max Schüler says

    Star platium zaaaa waruuudoo

  25. Omar X5 says

    Buff Siwa

  26. shun kudo says

    can u do more undertale?

  27. Ethan Mo. says


  28. hxnter says

    how does albert look good in ANYTHING including jojo siwa merch

  29. green_ fox UwU says

    The koala???

  30. Rhyma Vien D. evangelista says

    A grown man wearing the merch of Jojo siwa

  31. GHOSTZUXER ㅤ says

    girl : jojo siwa :3

    boy in the back : jojo reference

  32. Mr See d says

    I hate her

  33. Cat Mcgee says


    Pillar men theme starts to play

  34. Graciela Miguel says

    Albert:Go buy JOJO merch then mine

    Me weeb:i do need a stand in my life

  35. 4xkhaledx4 :D says

    What a bloody peanut lol

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