Robot Soccer LEGO NXT Lund University May 2009, game 2


Game between two robots. Final exercise in the course MMT200 Mobile robotics at Lund University, Dept of Design Sciences (Division of Machine Design). Platform: LEGO NXT, leJOS java including compass and IR seeker sensors. The ball is using ir leds. Programs make use of state diagrams, mapping and localization methods together with strategies for making the goal.

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  1. Marcos Mendonça says

    hahhahaha' very good my pals 😀

  2. Gunnar Bolmsjö says

    The ball has IR-leds, and the robot has a IR seeker sensor. The sensor provides a rough aiming direction. Also, the general direction of the goal is given by a compass sensor (all sensors and ball from Hitechnics). And US sensors are used to provide a rough localization estimation so the robot knows if it is in the middle or close to the walls. It went better than expected, but also more work than expected

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