Roddy Ricch – High Fashion (Clean – Lyrics) ft. Mustard


Roddy Ricch – High Fashion Clean

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  1. sheny says

    “I aint no player i just got alot of baes” – Roddy Ricch

  2. Tracey Goodine says

    uu eva b dancin to dis song nd ur mom or dad walk past lookin at uu and uu jus play it off😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Reginald Exavier says

    You should make some of these songs on loop then I will listen to this while doing homework without touching my iPad

  4. Amari Jackson says

    Ima just sub and hope life ends me

  5. Jose Caban says

    You rock

  6. Liam Raysor says

    this guy is so the best

  7. Chase Memmo says


  8. Chase Memmo says


  9. Kennedi Jordan says

    this is how many people love this song.

  10. Karma. says

    the 1K dislikes are all of Roddy Ricch's baes that just found out they're not the only ones…

  11. clarence riley says
  12. yvie hope says

    I fing love this song and that's on replay

  13. Liliana Cuevas says

    i loved this song:D

  14. Jose Caban says

    Good song bro

  15. Tom Channel lala says

    Who know all the bad word on this song

  16. Student Mia Ramos says

    This song hit different with headphones!

  17. Elizabeth Reyes says

    wait- doesn't the ice make her heart colder-?

  18. Tara James says

    Roddy ricch i like where is your friend dababy rockstar

  19. the kids vids says

    I subscribed

  20. Faizaan’s Vlogs and gaming says

    1:41 if we hop in the benz.

  21. Shiloh Jenkins says

    "i put some ice on you cause u got a cold heart" – Roddy Ricch

  22. Kavita Persaud says

    Tomorrow is a mystery yesterday is history today is a gift why call it a present?

  23. Jordan Love team says

    I love this SONG SOOOOO MUCH

  24. Jordan Love team says


  25. ashli paul says


  26. Keletia Smith says

    Favourite song

  27. TiMarah Jackson says

    Im in class rn

  28. Leandro Zarate says

    bro who else is in school and listening to clean music


    juice wrld or pop smoke and kobe or lebron


    i got to keep my shawty on the go go go go go

  31. IxnGamer says

    Cool Song

  32. Matthew Schell says

    Yes sir

  33. Shamiya Dreher says

    It’s not true

  34. Bralon Lee says

    thats so true i have to because the clean version is so much more likes

  35. Trackboy TV says

    Hey my Dad

  36. GG Hits Threes says

    I swear when mustard and Roddy get together they make bangers

  37. A M says

    I heard polar record replies if u say earth 3 times
    “earth earth earth”

  38. Betty Matthews says


  39. Tre Simmons says

    This is probably the best song he made

  40. Lena Playszz says

    Is it just me or when I wear headphones and listen to a song that’s not clean I might accidentally cuss so I listen to it clean 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Yeah yeah Aight bitch says

    2:13 lol he said sneakers not the n word 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Nasir Phillips says

    you are the best

  43. Mendy Anderson says

    I have AirPods so I can listen to this

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