Roger – I Want To Be Your Man (Official Music Video)


You’re watching the official music video for Roger – “I Want To Be Your Man” from the album ‘Unlimited!’

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  1. Michi Kaili says

    Still listening…

  2. Eddie Medjo says

    Love & Basketball…

  3. Almighty Walk says


  4. MASS WEED says

    This is a MASTERPIECE…!!!

  5. Kitt katt says

    Badass Song! ???

  6. Randy Rowe says

    shit ass autotune

  7. Shelena Gibbons says

    Good music never get old

  8. Catoa Baldwin says

    What I've got to say is sealed with a kiss and a wedding ring. My mind goes blind at time I can't see anyone but you.

  9. Peachy Milk says

    Rest In Peace Roger ?

  10. Gizzylegacy says

    Roger and Zapp were way ahead of their time, so glad they were way back in my time!

  11. Talk Lyfe says

    A klassik.

  12. Querubim SeuAnjo says

    Brasil na escuta.

  13. SrtaFabiana3000 says

    Anos 80… as melhores músicas está lá… Saudades… ????????????

  14. Cinnamon Lace says

    Be on the highway bumping buzz enjoying life. Bass machine .

  15. Tonney Henderson says

    I sent this 2 my a girl cause I like her n turns out she like me 2 going on 10yrs of marriage

  16. Bboy JJ says

    Sing this for my girl all the time❤

  17. Reggie Marshall says

    Can't hear this song without thinking of Everybody Hates Chris now. ????

  18. Leonardo Toledo says

    Sou mais a versão do Maurício Manieri.Cada Segundo – Maurício Manieri

  19. Jeff Samuels says

    Back when music was music and brothers showed respect the ladies.

  20. Donna Moore says

    Still fire 2020

  21. Matthew Savoy says

    I think he wants to be her MAN …but i'm not sure…i'll have to watch the video again

  22. Backdraft says

    Pootie Tang anyone?

  23. Veroica Smith says

    For someone special in my life

  24. Therold Gocoul says

    This is a mega classic of the 80's . I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  25. rioncarlo says

    Still here in 2020..this gives d same results from back in d day..I'm 40

  26. Edwin Thuku says

    The best use of Autotune…. Period!

  27. Jack Welch says

    Roger reinvented the sound of music. RIP Sir. Classic's Crate.


    This is a good slow dance ? song for a dance hahaha ? ???????????

  29. Jeff Braun says

    What happened to Zapp? Lol

  30. Emick1978 says

    My shit

  31. Cody Dickson says

    This is the song I dedicated to my wife before we got married in 2015. Still has the same meaning and impact nearly 5 years later for me. I have literally lived by the line “those others girls don’t matter, they can’t spoil my view.” My wife is my everything and I do everything I can to make her feel that way.

  32. Larry Hicks says

    My gay radar just beep

  33. Márcia Torres Maciel says

    Amoo ..amo ..!!

  34. Shay Hill says

    Why does he look like the uncle that sprays way too much colonge

  35. Candice Baker says

    2020 still listening, from Dayton,Ohio this was very sad and tragic. Great legacy tho.

  36. Pedro Medina says

    I used to talk to my ex on the phone for hours and this song was playing in the background. It brings back memories ❤️

  37. Sam B says

    Ima play this for my robot girlfriend in the future♥️

  38. Devin says

    He's looks like Dave Chappelle when he was dressed as O-Zone from Breakin' 2.

  39. pepa mai says

    Dis track seki

  40. Eddie Alcala says

    I love Roger songs

  41. Prrry Crumbley says


  42. Prrry Crumbley says


  43. Prrry Crumbley says

    Perry. My. Lif3

  44. Prrry Crumbley says


  45. Maxtrill ZA says

    Timeless music. ♥️???

  46. KENNEDI says

    Lost my virginity to this

  47. Royeer McBride says

    2020 still going.

  48. Lorenzo470 says

    Am I crazy or is this a Dave Chapelle sketch?

  49. Tata Tae says

    The only kpop stan comment your gonna find and even though I like kpop I still have taste in this kind of music, i’ll always be brainwashed into this music??

  50. Chan Chan says

    Hits different when the boy you like is dead;..)

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