Rolls Royce Cullinan DRAG RACES Mercedes Maybach! *Shocking Results*


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Rolls Royce Cullinan RACES Mercedes Maybach! *Shocking Results*

Shoutout to my Mom / Sis / the boys

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  1. Vehicle Virgins says

    Which car do you like more and why??

  2. Naithen Foster says

    Shouldn't of beefed literally the whole car community. I honestly think you need to make a video apologizing for your past actually. I think that may gain the respect back of some of your followers

  3. Naithen Foster says

    No wonder this channel is dying . No one wants to see this race bro. Like talk about anti climactic smh good luck Parker

  4. Joshua Campbell says

    What's up with the views? He is awesome

  5. Odd How To's says

    everytime i hear like gravity it just makes me happy for some reason

  6. daclow Wilson says

    The Maybach for me tho

  7. JETT RECORDS says

    Finally, I have been waiting

  8. Nicolas Winter says

    Looks dope when the front goes up in the RR xD

  9. drifty Boiii_458 says

    Supra vs g wagon G 63

  10. Yohannss Gulelat says

    Nice to see that you are back Parker keep up the good work

  11. - Albinn - says

    I miss the E63s on this channel
    Get the new one

  12. Jeff Collicker says

    All of the chrome trim on the Maybach needs to be gloss black. That would really make that car look amazing.

  13. Travel Tec & Tours says

    Ladies and Gendleman..what do you think about this..? 😎👉 Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 Vega EVX 0 -100 kmph in just 3 seconds.

  14. Travel Tec & Tours says

    Ladies and Gendleman…what do you think about this..?? 😎👉 Indian 🇮🇳 DC Avanti or Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 Vega EVX.what is the best .?👍🔥

  15. Victor Gustafsson says

    Get rid Off the oldmans cars

  16. Jess Venus says

    At least he hasn't cut off the windscreen on the Hurican Evo.. Lol

  17. Aji Prasetyo says

    Mercedes benz ilove yau

  18. Kevin Van Neste says

    Tuning the Maybach would be sweet!

  19. Lipe Paiga says

    I'm here, I'm gonna keep supporting you.

  20. Steven Davis says

    Get the Brabus package for the maybach

  21. Steven Davis says

    The revero is a nice car. I'd love to own one

  22. Ambo Austria says

    Wrapping the Cullinan will be sick, and Replace the Wheels

  23. Ambo Austria says

    I kinda annoyed the Wood panel at the Cullinan's Captain Seats, the Bench for me is a great option

  24. AJ says

    Do collabs to get them #s up

  25. Luke Slater says

    The Cullinan DEFINITELY took that first race. Also the Cullinan IS THE MOST BALLER SUV🤑.

  26. B A L L E R says

    Who cares please go away Parker

  27. KenyasSon says

    Do Videos on the new BMW M3 and M4 when they arrive in the US.

  28. Sansation says

    Love the content Parker❤️

  29. Jaheim Karl says

    This channel is under rated. Parker deserves more recognition

  30. Telahi 721 says

    De chrome the maybach plzz.

  31. esteban muñeton says

    Still shock with the results, I just lost 10 bucks!!! Great video dude

  32. Shivan3586 says

    Great video!

  33. Porkchop says

    Wow the rolls Royce wins my luxury dream car

  34. Re Ad says

    Fisker revero gts- one of my favourite cars

  35. dronesky64 says

    like 338

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