Rowdy Rebel – Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda


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Music video by Rowdy Rebel feat. Bobby Shmurda performing Computers. (C) 2014 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  1. thefaceofFuzz says

    This beat is so fire and they could've killed it. But it's like Rowdy just wrote some random garbage down and laid it.

  2. iiamaisha says

    I love your song your my favorite raper

  3. ToMuchTech Highlights says

    Shout out my 100 Cloccs my 50 Cloccs

  4. Yung Streetz says

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥free GS9

  5. TwitchDM - says


  6. MT P says

    the sad thing is half of these background characters are probably dead

  7. MT P says

    Man its only now that I am realizing how intense the Brooklyn side of hip hop bethis gang stuff be really risky

  8. TRX says

    where shmurdas hat at?

  9. Wise Telesforo says

    Try beer mixed wit lean is what I drink with my lil homie bu double

  10. Gary Whetzel says

    Still rock this tape. Hope yall perfect the shits and not get caught in the funk. Im doin a lot of pushups a day too. 🤙✌❤

  11. Michael Makaveli says

    These are some REAL Gangsters 💯💯💯

  12. Joseph Jimenez says

    Ah 2014 a simpler time😔

  13. manuel rodriguez says

    Can't wait to hear bobby on a drill beat when he gets out

  14. curt williams says

    In the gym…my once a week jam

  15. David Lopez says

    Lmao yo who’s bin watching this music vid yo I’m not the only person to watch this like 3 times in a row this song is a banger

  16. John M says

    He did that for his ryde or die brooTook them extra 2 years which is nothing you already there anyways for rowdy to get 2 less That’s real official man shit !!!!!! Ahh ahh ahhhh 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 💨 💨 🗽 🗽

  17. Gang Land says

    “Pussy talk that same shit from your computer” deepest line on YouTube all music

  18. Gang Land says

    What’s it like to like the song then go oh it’s about me 😅🤨

  19. ** says

    Aye throwback to drinking 5ths, smoking b-lunts and bumping Computers on my 15" subs in the rundown trailer 🔥🔥

  20. gamer 413 says

    Yo when they get off parole I'm blasting they shit mad respect to bobby he could've did 4 years and his boys do 25 years or they all do 7 years if he picks the 7 and he picked the 7 years he a real one

  21. the real royal says

    Free the 9s out them⛓

  22. Mateo Pinero says

    #freebobby peace out one thow Bow #BillyGang

  23. Lil_Dj150 - says

    The day they get out is when Bobby’s hat comes back down

  24. Mateo Pinero says


  25. JoroKyo says


  26. Jackie boy fan says

    See these the gang shit I like

  27. AyoRockyy says


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