Russell Howard Soccer and Sex


Stand-Up comedien Russell Howard scores Hotel du Nord in October 2004 – this show was presented by Karel Beer’s Laughing Matters in Paris.
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  1. tanith stephens says

    He looks gorgeous with long hair..:/<3

  2. harmfulsweetz says

    no, football twat. we invented it. ur 'football' is rugby-u pass wif ur hands nt ur feet!TWAT

  3. disenchanted.forest says

    It's also called soccer in English. So two words have the same meaning in the same language. Just saying 🙂

  4. Rachel Reilly says

    i think he gets better….

  5. StevenJay369 says

    soccer, sort it out!! Twat!

  6. gushoodwink says

    comedy for idiots.

  7. Karel Beer says

    why does everyone make remarks about his hair?

  8. HoKEVoH says


  9. suds says

    Not liking the hair russell

  10. Sally Horton says

    dislikinnn the long hair quite alot..dusnt have that fit look bout him

  11. GrabMySanity says

    woh wth with the long hair?

  12. 1878EFC2008 says

    unfunny twat

  13. Lydia Ross says

    errr he had long hair !!!
    he looks so much better with it short now. oh and hes less chubbier. but then again appearence isnt everything is it. we all love russel (:

  14. Samantha W says

    im glad hes sorted his hair out

    love him on mock the week wouldnt have that show any other way


  15. Liv Robson says

    I'm a girl…I've never commented on his looks, for all he's handsome people wouldn't look twice at him if he wasn't as funny as he is. His humour makes him all the more appealing really.

    He's very talented, and has had me in stitches with some of his standup

  16. Sir Simpsalot says

    Erm, did I say you "can't" comment on his looks? Idiot, I merely made a point that you shouldn't! He is a comedian, not a model. And the point I was making is that girls ONLY seem to comment on his looks. Fair enough, if they comment his perfomance, then slip in a compliment about his looks, that would be better. But it annoys me when people JUST talk about his hair or his clothes.

  17. Apocalypt_us says

    … there are plenty of female comedians, I thought

  18. Sir Simpsalot says

    There are hardly any female comedians. That is saying something.

  19. Asarelah says

    This is probably how female comedians feel.

  20. Sir Simpsalot says

    Why are women so shallow? Stop talking about his bloody looks, and comment on his comedy act! that is what he is working at!

  21. Wenchy Gigaram says

    Absolutely!! ^_^

  22. freddage91 says

    it is FOOTBALL
    not soccer…

  23. Jox Clever says

    No way, I never get the first comment! Oh blimey I feel pressured to say something insightful now. Oh sod it, I'll just say that Russell is ace, because he is. Want more of him on youtube.

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