Sakura Wars | Sakura Amamiya (Ayane Sakura) "I'm a Maiden" Music Video


Ready for some flower power? Here’s the music video for the character song “I’m A Maiden” by Sakura Amamiya (voiced by Ayane Sakura) in Sakura Wars, available now for PS4!

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  1. Mrshootinputin says

    Please port this to PC.

  2. Kristian Polanco says

    Sakura and Seijuro are a perfect couple.

  3. Ahmad Baihaqi says

    Best girl right there.

  4. METALIZER26 says

    The new Sakura is so cute.

  5. Silversaku利亚 says

    What a cutie 🙂

  6. Demi-Fiend of Time says

    Could we get a colection of the older games please Sega?

  7. Sunohara says

    OST when? i'll buy it in the psn store if possible lol

  8. Scott Bowen Kelly says

    Here's To Sakura Amamiya's Song For The Upcoming Stage Live of The Twentieth Anniversary of Sakura Wars Budoukan 3 All Stars Coming in 2021

  9. Gustavo B says

    Apparently the japanese fandom hates this entry.

  10. Dimitriy Dzyuba says

    This is the J-pop I needed today!

  11. CNK 98 says

    Wtf, Sega making it's own MV's what a world we live in.

  12. Matt Pac says

    A certain type of magic that Sega is missing nowadays with Sonic games. Here is link. at least the theme is accurate. I feel the company is not following through the themes of the games


    Where the fuck is the ingame instrumental version?


    please Sega, PC/Steam Release NOW!

  15. SDCrusader says

    A wonderful trailer for Best Girl. Thank you Sega for bringing ST back!

  16. Da Sonic fan says

    Why can't you guys make sonic cutscenes look like thisThey're always so stiff looking

  17. Direct to Play says

    Perfect, so sweet!

  18. Haithem Alshabibi says

    I already have the game and I love it

  19. Alwendo Zhang says

    Ohhh thank you sega america for uploading the character songs too

  20. Ace Hardy says


  21. Julayla says

    I wish this game was on PC or Switch, let alone a US release of the soundtrack.

  22. Mirror Blade says

    Can you guys like necro one of your old franchizes as an Singleplayer non monsterhunter clone non mmo, but a arpg? Or do you intend to forever be behind Bamco and Square.Like phantasy star or something and not add stupid tropey stuffing like this game has yet at the same time not being an edgelord masochy fest like Octopath Traveller and get a proper director and character designer thats not a both camps pandererers?Thanks.

  23. Danilo Souza says

    This game is wonderful. There was only one subtitle in Portuguese to be perfect.

  24. Cypher.Sonic // SegaSakura says

    Wish I could play this game, but it looks awesome from what I've seen of it, I'm a big fan of this series, this is just the last game I need to play, I've played every game from the first game on the Saturn to Sakura Taisen 5: So Long, My Love on the Wii

  25. cruelcynic says

    I wish this was on XBOX. Very glad to see Sega returning to some older IPs.

  26. Jareth Loveland says

    I would like to see her as DLC in "Ultimate".

  27. j y says

    So this game literally playing a anime not a anime game, a anime

  28. Compa Hearts says

    I cant wait for them to do the other characters songs. Each one is amazing. Hopefully one day we can get the old games im a remaster

  29. Forever Winter says

    I bought this day one to play on my roommates PS4, and its the first PS4 game I've ever purchased. Lol. Very very happy with it. Just wished it was fully voiced. But I understand why it wasn't. Keep up the quality work Sega!! <3 <3

  30. Miguel gomes says

    Absolute amazingSakura wars?

  31. USS_Grim_Reaper says

    We needed a collector's edition for this game like the Japanese version. I'm happy you guys got to localize this game but seriously the standard edition is just not enough. Now we just need a game based on Shin Seiki Evangelion and my life will be complete LOL

  32. AtomicKaiser193 says

    Just like persona 5 the best part of the game is the character interactions.

  33. Gamay Obera says

    If EA did the localization, the name of the song would be "I'm a Madden" (sorry)

  34. snoopy 333 says

    Like sonic

  35. Xavier Fenner says

    Hatsuho music video is next right??

  36. SEGA Retro BR says

    I didn't think you guys would post the music videos here with subtitles! What a pleasant surprise!

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