Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Unboxing & Overview Mid-Range Android Tablet


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Unboxing & Overview this comes with a S-Pen functionality that is included in the box, comes with a 10.4″ WUXGA Screen, is powered by Exynos 9611 SOC comes with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM and also comes with 4G functionality as it has a sim slot and comes with 7040 mAh battery.

Samsung Galax Tab S6 Lite via flipkart

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  1. anudeep nani says

    Why are they not providing snapdragon processors for indian versions.

  2. Mahavir Prasad says

    I was watching this video on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

  3. Varun Sylvester says

    What about the s pen tips..?do they last long..?

  4. Egg static says

    Guys i dont think we should compare it with ipads bcz we know samsung copies apple products and we all know who is the leader in the end of the day.ipads are way better than samsung tabs and the software is way more easy to use.and i want to recommend ipad pro over samsung s6 lite if u want a tab which u can use for atleast 3 or 5 years.

  5. Why so Serious says

    Very low quality pad I guess Samsung already know ki koi lega to h nhi fir paise kyu lagane

  6. Why so Serious says

    Without pubg how can u review such things ?

  7. Mukesh Nakade says

    Processor k bare me to batao…. Bad r good

  8. Krishna Kumar Sarda says

    Hi all… Quick question – I underline books and pdfs a lot during reading. I use the ruler option on my Ipad to make sure the underlines are straight. I was surprised to find that there is no ruler option on the Samsung s6 lite. My underlines are ending up striking the text. Am I missing some hidden option or something, or is this a miss from Samsung?

  9. Param Prakash Rai says

    Any near future possibility of ipad 8th gen launching?

  10. Dethrone 200 says

    This is amazing tablet I got it yesterday

  11. Joker Studio says

    Too laggy

  12. I'm fine says

    Will there be a 128 gb version of it anytime soon or will it be only for foreign countries.. as I'm thinking of buying it or I'll have to compromise on it…??

  13. Kumareshwar Gandla says

    I also buyed in amazon

  14. Praneeth Dandu says

    Guys I love Samsung products I have m30s but at this price point just go for iPad 7th gen

  15. indresh kumar says

    Please post a practical comparison video for iPad and S6 lite

  16. Kapil Punjabi says

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (April 2019) vs Samsung Gaxaxy Tab S6 lite ( April 2020) vs Apple Ipad 10.20 (September 2019) please suggest ??

  17. manish wadhwa says

    We believe Brands are safe to buy without worrying about sales after service. I know it's electronic device so most chances of defects but if defects are shown on first place then it is worst. I delivered today Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 Lite and after 10 minutes it got switched off automatically and tried to charge with different sockets and charger but no luck. I felt that rather buying Samsung Tab I would have bought iball which is more cheaper and despite adjust quality rather than experiencing brands defective peaces. I will suggest don't buy.

  18. Saminathan Chokkanathan says

    Best review ever I seen. I always watching your videos not for product but for your way of presentation and your communication, both are top class. Hats off

  19. Smita Narnaware says

    someone who has s6 lite LTE one can sell in 35 k I am ready to buy

  20. Akash Yadav says

    Half the cost, 1/10th of the power. What a downgraded chipset to use this horrible 9611.

  21. Jhil says

    Please post the comparison video as I am confused between the two.

  22. Kirtikumar Khandor says

    Superb.. Superb.. Superb.. Your all videos are perfect, point to point, easy to understand… My kind request to make video on windows tablet, or i had hear about tablet with android & windows both. Kindly make videos on this with budget of nearly 30,000. Is it really exist? Because all have mobile with android, but when we open surfing anything in windows it give full function to access big sites, like fb. Or other big sites. Make video on this topic. Thanks you very much. (also request to make video in hindi language if possible ).

  23. Anup Shedame says

    It doesn't have vibration motor….. Nobody will tell you this.

  24. jadhal9280 says

    Can samsung tab gives 2 yrs android update…

  25. Swati Khodke says

    Does it come with keyboard?

  26. Mayukh Singha Roy says

    Compare it with Samsung Tab S5e

  27. shivam kumar says

    Complete Waste of money ipads are fat better than this don't buy this tab

  28. omi404050 says

    I will be waiting for the ipad vs samsung video. Keeep up the great work Ranjit

  29. GGM SERVICES says

    Does it support calling function

  30. Shreyansh Dewangan says

    Ipad air or samsung s6 lite for note taking and video lectures??

  31. preetham attibele says

    Microphone quality is really good ??ideal for my father to do video calls,use MS office and taking notes,,,rear 8MP should be enough to scan documents I guess

  32. Punit K says

    Indians should not take chinese manufactured phones even if they give it for free.. Its sad that few people don't have self respect and still buy these phones for petty discounts.. This is the reason we are developing nation and always will be..

  33. Shivam Gupta says

    Please review the IKALL Tablets

  34. anirdb55 says

    Read this comment. Don't buy an Android tablet, that platform is dead. Get the basic ipad. Beast of a chip, Desktop Class Browsing, Tablet-optimized apps and a way better OS suited for a large screen.

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