Samsung ONE UI 3.0 with Android 11 is Out – 25+ New Features!


Samsung One UI 3.0 is coming out soon and in this video we will go over 25+ new features for One UI 3.0 running on a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This is the One UI 3.0 Beta version, so there are even more features coming soon.

Anyway, let’s dive in and see what’s new in One UI 3.0 compared to One UI 2.5


0:00 Intro
0:06 Intro to One UI 3.0
0:54 New Volume Rocker on One UI 3.0
1:56 Music Controller in Control Panel on One UI 3.0
2:44 New Call Background in Phone App
3:51 All Changes to Quick Toggles and Notifications Panel
5:38 New Battery Management Toggles in One UI 3.0
6:00 Dark Mode New Look in Some Areas
6:35 Multi-Tasking Pane – Recents App View
7:57 Double Tap Screen to Lock Phone
8:25 Lock Screen Changes on One UI 3.0
8:55 One UI 3.0 Settings Changes
9:44 Edge Lighting and Edge Panel Changes
10:58 One UI 3.0 Notification Settings Changes
11:43 Home Screen Icons – Press and Hold Changes
12:33 Device Care and Battery Mode Changes on One UI 3.0
14:43 Advanced Features Changes
15:25 Final Remarks
15:45 Ending

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  1. sakitech says

    I am discovering even more features as I DIVE IN, more videos coming soon. One UI 3.0 is currently in developer beta, public beta will come too.

  2. Romaine Vlog Tv says

    I dont even got 2.5 on my s10plus yet and u already have 3.0 I don't get it🤔🤔

  3. Shreds X says

    Loved the new designs but the colour scheme sucks. Especially in the recents and notification pannel

  4. Jerome Gold says

    Just wondering when will the note10 + will get the Ui 3.0? Thank you and you have a great channel. You've taught me so much about my phone.

  5. Snow white says

    Do s9 plus get this update 🤔

  6. tiesha brown says

    When does this update come out for the note 20 phones?

  7. Vlad D says

    No adaptive power saving mode ? That is downgrade

  8. Mr. Donut says


  9. Endre Törteli says

    can I get it on note 10+ in the future??

  10. Natasha Play says

    Samsung One UI 4.0 soon omg😱

  11. Umair Roll#78 says

    Only double tap to sleep is the welcoming feature but other changes are downgrade.

  12. JSBHQ says

    Check the side key to see if its changed like android 11 changed it with smart devices

  13. Zainul Rusydi says

    Have you tested the camera on soc med apps? Android 11 claimed that the camera works better om social media platforms

  14. Duarte Fernandes says

    Adaptive screen is available now s20 ultra?

  15. Jivin Thomas says

    Hey saki where is the screenshot feature you showed on the pixel phone

  16. LironImaN says

    Can you enable Edge Lighting for notifications only when screen is off on One UI 3?

  17. Jörn Studener says

    Hi Sakitech can you tell is the new power menu of android 11 integrated into one ui 3.0 with the new smart home integration?

  18. Виталий Полещук says

    Volume rocker like on Xiaomi MIUI 12

  19. Mrpizzajuicebox says

    Me here with my galaxy j6 knowing it ain't gonna get it 👁👄👁

  20. The GR says

    Hi Sakiis it possible to pin apps to share sheet in order to easily access them whenever i want to share something?

  21. João Alberto Pita says

    We have that volume option in one ui 2.1 using sound assistant!

  22. Rasmus Willi says

    So now it just looks like some chinese skin…

  23. It's BISHOP says

    I'm still waiting on 2.5 for my Note 10+ 5G.

  24. Ronenchick says

    When one ui 3.0 will come to other countries like Israel ?

  25. Angel Dorian says


  26. vaibhav chavan says

    Notification panel is awesome

  27. Pedro Miguel Avelãs Morais says

    do you think the note10+ will be update to that release?

  28. Sahil Pal says

    Not looking great at all. All the blacks are translucent now… waste of amoled screens. Icons are still poor and volumne indicators are terrible.

  29. Kadri Mouhanned says

    s9+ get update one ui 3.0 or no ?still Didn't update to one ui 2.5 🤣😎

  30. Towser says

    Oh dear… 🙄

  31. Black panda says

    I am still using my old s7ege.😭😭😭

  32. ilyas namozov says

    What you didn't say and what is definitely important is that in Android 11 we now don't have a video file size limit of 4Gb. That means that now we can record videos of any length limited only by our storage space and this video files will not be cut into 4Gb pieces, and there will be one whole file with video. I think that feature is quite remarkable for 4K and 8K video enthusiasts.

  33. K v H says

    Hello Sir i like the lockscreen on the right device how can i get this

  34. TECH TROID says

    Worst interface ever

  35. David Pařil says

    If I had to choose I would stay on 2.5… The new one looks worse in many ways and sometimes forgets about the whole reachability concept…

  36. Rohit R Yadav says

    Doesn't look that good compared to what we got in one UI2.0

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