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San Antonio – One of America’s top travel destinations. Follow us through this Texan city and fuel your travel inspiration.

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Start your #SanAntonio #vacation with a tour of 18th-century Spanish missions and several iconic attractions by the Paseo del Rio, also known as the River Walk.

Indulge in TexMex and European food from the restaurants strewn across the city. Spend hours wandering the San Antonio Museum of Art, which is housed in an old brewery.

Head to Market Square to enjoy live performances, merchant stalls full of goods to purchase, and a perfect opportunity for people-watching. San Antonio Zoo is another great attraction; find zebras and hundreds of other animals here. #Visit the top of the Tower of the Americas, where you can see the entire city lit up beneath you.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. John says

    San Antonio is the only big city in America where you can get authentic Mexican food

  2. Best Western Plus Palo Alto Inn & Suites says

    The looks amazing! Brilliant video get the best deal on hotel rooms while you are in San Antonio,Texas check the video:-

  3. Best Western PLUS Hill Country Suites says

    The looks amazing! Brilliant video get the best deal on hotel rooms while you are in San Antonio,Texas check the video:-

  4. John Sanchez says

    San Antonio has changed recently and NOT for the better: tourists face a 17 percent hotel tax surprise when they check out……San Antonio has the highest tax in the state and one of the highest in the entire country…….the city has been hit with riots but covered up by saying they were just protests……..look along Houston Street and see the closed businesses and broken windows from the "peaceful protests"………locals now avoid downtown because of this fear and threats that police budgets will be deeply cut…….Good luck and try to stay safe!!

  5. michela derry says

    lovely, but too turistic

  6. Roboneez 2235 says

    Texans be like: i need a gun to solve this problem!


    That is my beautiful home, I love this place ????

  8. the phoenix 315 says

    It looks sublime! Love from the UK! 🙂

  9. poison slushie says

    Fun fact:I didn't pay attention to any of my texas history classes so youre gonna have to get your facts from someone other than me

  10. J. Arias says

    Moved to San Antonio six months ago and I LoVe IT ?

  11. Mattia Bottazzo says

    Name of Song ?

  12. Young Republican says

    God I wanna go back!

  13. Mattia Bottazzo says

    the name of the song ?

  14. profiles says

    San Antonio is anything but arid

  15. Wandering Malak says

    I will truly miss this city. My first home away from home. Never been so much welcomed in this lovely historic city

  16. M F says

    I went once almost nine years ago, spent a few days downtown and even took a day trip up to Austin. San Antonio Brown is a great city! I would add that you should check out the Spanish missions outside downtown, Mission Concepcion and San Jose were both a must see IMO! The Riverwalk, Alamo and Tower of the America’s were all very cool too! May have to go back someday!

  17. David and Mercy Whipple says

    very nice video to see..we have a few self made videos of san Antonio and the surrounding area but definitely not as advanced as this!

  18. Vntichrist says

    Go to The Grotto as well

  19. 1986 says

    I'm from Houston but San Antonio is my second fav city. A nice getaway.

  20. Saniyah Portee says

    I live here

  21. Rad Reptile1212 says

    I live there it feels tropical

  22. Lorenzo VonMatta says

    What's the name of the soundtrack? 🙂

  23. Maddy Gomez says

    Why am I watching this I live in San Antonio

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