Sandy's Gadget is BROKEN in Big Game


Sandy’s gadget heals him up to max health, which makes it broken in Big Game.

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Good Starts – Jingle Punks (No Copyright Music)

Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]

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Brawl Stars with Hobbes

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  1. Kapukf Tn says

    Supercell needs To fix it

  2. Alessandro Margaria says

    Hi im resistance of jessie for 4:16

  3. Piterkoo_YT says

    200 IQ MEN

  4. moemen gamer says


  5. Ayoob Saudi says

    Me: God vs 12 Pro

  6. Oof says

    Hobbles' too innocent to dieeeeeee 🙁

  7. Artero 5000 says

    Alguien habla español no ok(@_@;)

  8. Yuri Sudarat says

    U guys know that game update and no more tickets

  9. dachi ika gamer says


  10. Cem Deniz Durna says

    What recording app do you use?

  11. Alejandro Salazar says

    0:01 Nice! Im finally the boss after trying to get it for 20 minutes.Me: First time?

  12. bincster says

    Hahahahahah no copyright music to the max

  13. фнафик мод says

    Здесь есть русские?

  14. Marlyn Dagayloan says

    That dog on your youtube foto is a cavalier king charles spaniel right??I got that one to.His name is milo??

  15. Suzan Ozman says


  16. not nachitoXD says

    Music ?

  17. Platon Nikulichev says

    I love

  18. KHOAハンサムな男の子 says


  19. Njm aldin says

    R.I.P in peace ?Rest in peace =RIP

  20. Andres Felipe Agudelo says

    Y no entendí nada

  21. Andres Felipe Agudelo says

    Yo no soy inglés hablo español jajaja ????

  22. Nicusor Luciana says

    What is name song?

  23. NiteCrawler07 says

    The max you can heal with it is 32767

  24. acdopha j hbl vz says

    It is not anymore

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