Santa Cruz Travel Guide


A travel guide for visiting Santa Cruz in California. Everything YOU need to know BEFORE you go to Santa Cruz including some basic information about Santa Cruz, and the major attractions in Santa Cruz including the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz Main Beach, Mystery Spot, Redwood Trees, Capitola by the Sea, and Downtown Santa Cruz.


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  1. Yellow Productions says

    Paradox Hotel Review:

    Napa Travel Tips (Things to Know):

    Napa Things To Do:

  2. J Z says

    Silicone Valley?

  3. Los Ramirez De California says

    Great video! Thank you so much.

  4. Sahil Dip says

    I am moving to Capitola this October . Wish me luck 🍀

  5. •Strawberry Tea• says

    I live here lolllll but there’s nothing to do so I’m watching this

  6. Lolo says

    I miss Santa Cruz 🥺💔
    Ohhhh quarantine…

  7. zack gaming says

    I've been in Santa Cruz for so long also my parents own a restaurant in Santa cruz

  8. Peter Sanchez Jorgense says

    Like if you also live in Santa Cruz

  9. Denise Mayosky says

    This is my husband and my favorite spot. Haven't been able to go there the last year or so. Miss it!!! Especially now…

  10. Naomi Marie says

    I have been living in Santa Cruz my entire life why am I watching this

  11. TimberWolvesX X says

    I went fishing off that pier and caught a couple of flounders.
    The city itself I found a bit meh. Seems to be stuck in a drug haze from the 70's.
    Talked to a few homeless people, they were nice and had a few stories.
    The more affluent locals seemed unwelcoming.

  12. Nikos Nikolousios says

    The lost boys 1987

  13. Angela Munoz says

    You’re cute! Can I slide into your DMs 🙂

  14. Jones Aj says

    I’m from San Jose and I have so many memories of Santa Cruz growing up i fuckin love it

  15. Xxbubbly_vibezxX says

    Umm so I am watching when coronavirus is happening and we’re going Cuz the day I am going is Labor Day or Memorial Day I am a kid and I love Santa Cruz am so excited

  16. Shelley C says

    I live just north in the Santa Cruz mountains. This was so fun and a great video to share with visiting friends! Too bad you missed the Bigfoot Museum in Felton! If you had parked at Henry Cowell instead of Roaring Camp, you would have seen it on Hwy 9. Next time ♥️

  17. Alan salguero says

    I live there lol

  18. C o o k i e says

    It’s shit…don’t come, trust me i live here 😐


    BRRRR -lady from 7-11 in Portola grabbing beef jerky

  20. cruzin says

    8:00 Talk about killing the moment 😂

  21. Sunny Mac duffee says

    Watch out for the hypodermic needles they are everywhere
    We have a Very Large Heroin and Meth problem here in Santa Cruz
    And if you don't have lots of money don't try to move here
    And if you do be prepared to purchase security systems because the Drug addicts are creeping around everywhere trying to steal anything that is not nailed down
    And as far as Santa Cruz keeping it weird
    Those days are over
    Only Rich Hippies invited
    The city council of Santa Cruz seems to be trying to make Santa Cruz the Riviera of California
    The people who serve you your meal and wait on you in the shops are struggling to survive in an environment of Greed here they have to share a bedroom with a stranger just to survive living in our town

  22. Rafael TKD says

    This is the place where The lost boys movie made

  23. Naomi Marie says

    When you pretty much grow up in the bordwalk this is halsrius😂😂😂. The bordwalk looks really empty tho

  24. Princess J of the I.E. says

    You forgot the Bigfoot Museum and Mission Santa Cruz.

  25. Vladislav Moc says

    I love santa Cruz I was there long time ago.Still beatyfull City. I had friend Dave Ferrari from 312 national street. I am from Czech republic

  26. mike80449 says

    I’m from. Wildwood New Jersey so this feels like my California home definitely coming here for my visit in summer not to mention lost boy’s vibes

  27. Pratistik says

    Love your videos. I would always check out the do’s and don’t for certain places before I go there

  28. Way Beyond Pad Thai says

    Love the panda 😀 and this video actually help me learned a lot more abou the city. Been here every year the last few years and no idea there's that pretty village in Capitola. GREAT WORK!!

  29. Wunderfishy says

    I was born here lol

  30. dagda16 says

    Silicone valley lol

  31. moosepalace says

    just to let you know that it is called silla-con not sillicone

  32. Adelina Lopez Bejar says

    Thank you

  33. john martin says

    Ive never been to Santa Cruz but I know its located on the west coast somewhere, near Los Angeles CA

  34. Sammy and Monica says

    Pizza 1 Aptos is pretty bomb, then you follow it up with the best ice cream at Marianne's across the street.

  35. Zach says

    Why am I watching this children’s video about my hometown

  36. Der Sebbi says


  37. Norm Edwards says

    There's some VERY weird 'things' in Cowell park. Like creepy things.

  38. Norm Edwards says

    Wish I still lived there…

  39. E. Nathan Glass says

    Everybodies dressed like its a blizzard? Is it cold? Or is it like 65 but “cold” to Californians?

  40. Zuzu G. says

    Lived here my whole life, why am I watching this.

  41. Noah says

    Why isn't anybody skateboarding

  42. Isaiah Jackson says

    i think i see a needle floating.. lol

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