Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For


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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review

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  1. Jack Grazer says


  2. Flame says

    a girl basically kills a man by controlling the 65% of water in his body while also somehow destroying the other 35% in a PG rated moviea man sings about his burning desire for this girl to The Virgin Mary and to let the girl be his and his alone or let her burn in hell while also feeling guilty with self doubt about how it goes against his own belief but blames his desire on the very same girl along with the lord almighty himself for making the devil so much stronger than a man at his fireplace in a G rated movie (Disney’s “Hellfire” The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

  3. Remote Control says

    mermaids should be ruling the world if they can kill people that easily

  4. Papaya - says

    God I feel like a neighbour kid from like 12 years ago said something along the lines of "Im a mermaid" and I noped out of there.

  5. Just a Guy says

    This movie is not scientifically accurate, mermaids used to kill and eat people

  6. Rae B. says

    Mermaid : every mermaid wail is differentMermaids: sing exact same notes of the exact same song

  7. Did you just Look at me says

    watched this movie just before the videoi waisted an hour and a half of my life

  8. lauren says


  9. Mrflipflop s says

    Just gotta do what the homies do

  10. Matty C. says

    Oh, the lady Assistant D.A. from Law & Order…..

  11. Alllegs Nosorso says

    Imagine being bullied by somebody who is in despicable me

  12. iain cox says

    hey siren like a sea witch

  13. LoneStarGamer 08 says

    Why does the script of this movie sound like something I would play at recess in 4th grade

  14. Sage Troupe says

    this is from a book, I don't remember the name, but this is from a book

  15. just made this account says

    We need stiff mass merch

  16. Megan M. says

    It's like a janky Tail of Emily Windsnap.

  17. Ahmad Kawouk says

    23:49 make this a meme

  18. Studio Autio says

    Why is Siren so thicc?

  19. Chexme Mint says

    11:15 – the only people I knew who would say this are from primary schoolyou grew up with these people, don't lie

  20. Zoe Coric says

    If the birth mom wanted to protect her daughter from hunters, then WHY DID SHE NAME HER DAUGHTER SIREN

  21. •Elisa CooK• says

    I liked the movie.

  22. your favorite YouTubere here says

    You know sometimes you just got to get with the homies aoooooooo

  23. Ice Wolf says

    It’s just the modern day thirteenth year! Didn’t realize when I first watched this but yk

  24. Mhairi Harris says

    Man, first he's given placebo's by his mother, had his arm broken by a killer clown AND has brittle bones?! Poor Eddie

  25. Byron says

    The acting in this is good though

  26. Jolie Garcia says

    “Can I go to the bathroom?” gaspGASP gAsP “The bathroom?!”“Who evens go’s to the bathroom anymore?”“I haven’t heard or seen anyone go to the bathroom in years!” “Oh god!” ”uh guys my bones are getting squishy-“

  27. steakrules2001 says

    Yeah nobody asked for like my friend believed that mermaids I try to convince her that mermaids aren't real but she clams that she saw the tale of a mermaid but I don't believe her

  28. the banana beast says

    how do pure breeds even exist there aren't any merman

  29. Vanna Benosa says

    Wish I could get a lot of that blood mermaid thing to cure COVID-19

  30. CrypticThe Wolf says

    People in 2020 be like: 👁 👄 👁 u can cure corona… join us zombie like voices saveee usssss, saveee usssss

  31. Sun Drop Soo says

    23:50 was my exact reaction, but with a few choice curses of absolute disbelief

  32. Mantas Ginelevičius says

    It all comes back to marco polo

  33. Raven Sauce says

    “And at night they get squishy”

  34. hawa Word says

    “I don’t think human talk about air like that lemme taste that air”

  35. Guy Person says

    So.. she’s never showered?

  36. Eeperton says

    I just realized one of the mermaid women was in christian mingle lol

  37. Zanman says

    23:42 YO WHAT THE FUCK

  38. stop please says

    Danny I feel like you should know I'm pretty sure there are no male mermaids because mermaids are off brands of Sirens the originals. There are no male sirens because sirens are already fertilized, so men are useless to them. That's why they only eat human men. So I'm pretty sure they were following this mythology-

  39. Duckue The Duck says

    nice moment… now she has scales …

  40. Quinn Ethan says

    My favorite thing about this movie is that the kids (ESPECIALLY Siren) rarely show any emotion in their faces when they talk. She always looks so,,,,,, idk cold?? Like no matter what she's saying, her face is emotionless

  41. When potatoes fly says

    Honestly this movie was just horrible- the main actor seemed vary fake and you could tell she was acting, just everything about this movie made me cringe …

  42. The gay bananas says

    Siren makes me want to choke the living sh** out of her.

  43. Nikki Rebecca says

    i love how the only actor i know in this movie is the adoptive mom, who was my least favorite ADA in law and order history. and now she is in the worst movie in history

  44. Crusader says

    16:32When the SCP Foundation finds out about cool blood that cures stuff.

  45. Sketchy Lazuli says

    "Your body is made of 65% water"Legit thought this kid was gonna start blood bending-

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