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Trying to drag a teenager out of bed in the morning and get them into school on time is a battle most parents would love to avoid – and they may soon be able to! The concept of delaying classes until the afternoon, to allow older pupils to get a lie-in, is being trialled in a number of English schools. Graham Satchell has been to one of them.

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  1. Venus says

    They literally predicted what school would feel like in 2020:

  2. Shahzam Suleman says

    mine's starts at 7:30am😢😢😢😢

  3. Madison Davie says

    I wish my school could do this I have to wake up at 6am ;-;

  4. Aditya Subramanian says

    I start at 7:30 to 3:30

  5. Harry _stw says

    Go to sleep earlier then idiots

  6. Durpy Meme says

    Bruh why are they letting her use a budsen burner with her HAIR DOWN

  7. Mingwei says

    In my days when I was in high school (Wuhan, China) we have to be at school by 7am and leave at 9pm the earliest – and do our homework. No, its not a boarding school although some peers did/do choose to live at school's dorms for the convenience.

  8. mikey says

    Here my school starts at 6:45am and ends at 5.00pm. Adding in the extra classes and you will go home at 9.00pm in the evening….. and the homework at school and extra classes as well:(((

  9. Warrick Rhode says

    No way I would go to school till 7 PM

  10. maddie says

    I almost fell asleep today

  11. SoUnd and SouL says

    U should come to India

  12. ꧁Dee Dee꧂ says

    Me who just pulled an all nighter: Well fuck 👁👄👁

  13. the sky is a hazy shade of winter says

    It’s a shame my school wouldn’t try this

  14. boy good says

    thank you so much

  15. James Wraith says


    Satchell: It's nine in the morning and Cassy is still in bed, most schools have already started for the day but Cassy's school now starts later, much later, it runs from half-past-one in the afternoon till seven in the evening. Waking up later and getting more sleep has had a dramatic impact on life at home.

    Cassy: I used to get really annoyed when my mum tried to wake me up but now she doesn't really have to, I can just do it on my own.

    Cassy's mother: I don't see her looking tired and even if you're older and you feel tired you're likely stroppy to someone but she's much better.

    Satchell: They've changed the start-time at Cassy's school not because they think their sixth formers are lazy, the decision is based on more than twenty years of research into the teenage body-clock.

    Guy Holloway, Headmaster, Hampton Court House: The cards really are stacked against them because they are overriding nature by getting up "early" in the morning in order to be on time to school.

    Satchell: Overriding nature? What is the science here? We asked the students to explain it.

    Student one: Our body-clock is located in the brain, in the Hypothalamus and specifically in the suprachiasmatic nuclei, these cells are responsible for all our twenty-four-hour timing systems in the human body.

    Student two: In adolescence, as the brain continues to grow and develop, the body-clock shits to two to three hours later.

    Student three: A seven o'clock start-time for a teenager is equivalent to a four-thirty wake-up-time for an adult

    Student one: I definitely think I'm less of classic teenager, in the mornings I've been a lot more cooperative and a lot nicer and I'll often be helping out and actually doing chores out of a want rather than a requirement.

    Student two: In my old school timetable I felt kind of grumpy in the morning then it would wear out but now I'm feeling good all around 'cause I've got good sleep and good quality of sleep.

    Student three: I find it easier to concentrate in lessons whereas before I would sometimes be falling asleep over the first three hours of the morning, it's so much easier to concentrate and to just focus on the work I have to do.

    Holloway: schools on a day-to-day basis are dealing with a whole range of issues, sometimes mental-health issues, I would argue there's a public health issue really in terms of teenagers, particularly older teenagers, that are going to school chronically sleep-deprived.

    Satchell: it's too early to say if the changes here mean students do better in their exams but it's hoped a wider study by Oxford University will help other schools to decide whether to change their timetable.

  16. VON SCHENCK says

    Why dont you just go to boarding school idiots

  17. Micky Whizz says

    I can't believe my Licence fee is paid for this nonsense while serious issues of grooming gangs has been covered up.

    Teenagers need to learn how to make themselves employable and focusing your life around sleep isn't employers too priority.

  18. GAMING GAMING My Ass says

    shet, she's so yummy. I wish i was her dad.

  19. Marta Mariotto says


  20. Manish Gautam says

    Our starts at 6:30 am and ends at 6 pm

  21. Xman34 says


  22. cynilennice freemon says

    1:33 "I'm less of a classic teenager."…I thought he said something else lol!!!!!!

  23. DELSERIES Tom says

    I never understood why everybody is forced to work or study in the morning. Everybody is different some people prefer the mornings some people prefer the afternoons. Why not give them the choice?

  24. cindy lopez says

    😭😭😭 I wish I had that opportunity back in my day 😭😭😭

  25. Luis Felipe Susano Hernández says

    I watched the video

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