1. Hay Mamacita says

    How are teachers being fooled by the covid19 hoax

  2. acrodriguez34 says

    Uh…so-called educators unaware that therapeutics exist? We don't stop driving vehicles which has same risk level.

  3. Veronica organic says


  4. Wyatt Pike says

    They just want to get paid to stay home.

  5. nenanuka says

    Enough with this teachers if the fi not want to work fire them and hire teachers that want to work and are not radicals

  6. Tasha Denise says

    This is disgusting

  7. Just Chris says

    You ever wonder why Korea bans news and some websites?? Cause they fucking lie

  8. Norman Gabbard says

    We as a country are very eductaed.That being said..Any educated person knows when a virus as serious as Covid19, the spread from one to others is gonna happen.I do not agree with schools opening while Covid19 is alive and well in those communities. ESPECIALLY with the youngest of students.If one case slides past screening,there will be rapid spread in the schools and communities. Covid19 has been compared to the flue. But facts is,with Covid19 ,although there are some similarities to the flue. Covid is much more dangerous..Something people really need to except.Our schools could very easily become Covid19 incubators. I hope that will not be the case.But the odds of quick spread versus little or no spread is much greater.Why would we risk our children's lives just to put money in pockets ?I'm against schools opening where Covid19 is at a high peak..

  9. Richard Suarez says

    Media continues to lie its incredible

  10. Richard Suarez says

    I'll volunteer to clean schools Dr already said kids don't transmit & their is a cure

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