Scottish Foods – 3 Dishes To Try In Edinburgh, Scotland (Americans Try Scottish Food)


Day 215 – We’re trying 3 of the most unique foods from Scotland! We were skeptical at first, but were really surprised how much we liked these Scottish dishes 😀

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Here are the dishes, their prices and the places we went to try them:

£1.20 Scotch pie from The Piemaker:

£2.80 Deep fried Mars bar from Clamshell:

£9.99 Haggis from The Albanach:

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Footage shot with Sony a6000, Canon G7X and Phantom DJI 3 Standard Drone (a.k.a. Mike Drones)

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  1. The Endless Adventure says

    We hope you enjoyed this delicious day! If you'd like to see more food adventures around the world, make sure you subscribe ~~> We post new travel videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

  2. Stuart McMillan says

    The '' mutton'' pie is best eaten cold, get one from a traditional Scottish bake-house

  3. Chunkymonkey7 says

    It's a pity you didn't try a proper Scotch pie with lamb in it and haggis, neeps & tatties should be mixed together before you eat it that way you get all the flavours mixed together.

  4. Keith Muir says

    Since you were in the High street you should of gone to the chippy there and had a haggis supper and Irn bru

  5. Paul Wilson says

    You have to have Brown sauce with a Scotch pie!

  6. Tony K says

    So happy that you liked the Scotch Pie. Cath and I are English and we love Scotland. We lived in the USA for eight years and were disappointed every time we ate in a diner or restaurant when "Pie" on the menu produced something sweet without a top crust. If it has no crust it's a tart, not a pie. Good for you on the Haggis. A long-time Scottish friend taught me to finish the Haggis in butter in a skillet sprinkled with Whisky just before serving. It works.

  7. S B says

    All of these look disgusting to me

  8. Tamara Moonbow says

    Loved this video???????? x

  9. CarolynJane Sutton says

    Anyone had a deep fried jam sandwich? They used to serve them at a chip shop in Westward Ho! ? Yummy!

  10. Quinton Robson says

    Gimme some of these neeeps lol

  11. Tricia Best says

    For trying a ton of new foods, you guys take the biggest bites ever! If I try something new I usually take a little bite then if it's not disgusting I dig in w/ bigger bites!

  12. Chonkers Chungus says

    Great vid guys

  13. Gavin Hall says

    OMG dipping food in Gravy. Pour it on top

  14. Maxie's Three says

    The problem with this pair is that they don't research local customs or the food they are going to eat so they commit a lot of faux pas which at times can be painful.

  15. Vegantheatrenerd BW says

    I live in Edinburgh. I’m just watching these videos because they’re funny

  16. Gemma Raine says

    I love Scottish food could totally live off haggis neeps and tarries. And who doesn't love a deep fried mars bar?

  17. Keizerlynn De Lafranc says

    I'm sure that old man was gunning for his landlord's head, but his arm kept getting tired on the way up so he only managed to cap the knees. I also loved how the cop shot and missed, realized his adversary was 100 yrs old, and just yanked him out of the office by his arm, yoink!

  18. Heather Macdonald says

    Oooo Scotch pie, best with HP sauce!!! I hate being vegetarian lol

  19. Iain Donald says

    You guys got stuck right into it, and even pronounced the words correctly. You even ate the mars bar, fair play. The very thought of it disgusts me, as does the fact it was invented here. Good video 🙂

  20. Thistles and Coos - Travel Simpler says

    Love haggis!

  21. random observer says

    There's a pub in Ottawa, Canada, called the Highlander, where one can get haggis served similarly [without a casing]. They don't bother with a whisky sauce- they just give you a little container of cheap whisky to pour over. Lovely.

  22. random observer says

    I grew up in Toronto, Canada in the 70s and 80s with a Scottish mother. There were still many Scottish grocers and butcher shops there, so pies were common in our house. Some commercial makers still make decent ones we can get in Canada. One thing they had in common was forty tons of black pepper per pie. I saw a food travel show last year that visited some sort of local pie chain in [Aberdeen?] and their piemaking process confirmed that- meat and great sacks of pepper. Clearly, not every piemaker goes that way.

  23. random observer says

    I love the sense of fun you two put into wandering around and eating.

  24. Lyndsey Greig says

    Sorry you had to fork out £3.90 for a deep fried Mars bar. Angelo's chippy in Craigentinny, Edinburgh, sells them for £1.50, or you can get a deep fried toffee crisp bar instead. Both nice. Folk in the queue mite crack a joke sometimes, but people do buy them. If u come back again, try Lorne square sausage. ?

  25. bobby bingle says

    Scottish food? I thought they just ate fried Mars bars washed down with whisky.

  26. Andrew Wilson says

    We do eat haggis and scotch pies in Scotland. But deep fried mars bars are something for the tourists.

  27. 24magiccarrot says

    Pie doesn't mean it's sweet, pie basically means it's encased or covered with something, usually pastry but can be potato or other veg, as such pie can be sweet or savory

  28. Barbara Watson says

    Last year I went to Edinburgh and we got a deep fried mars bar and my brother likes it and I didn’t

  29. Kim Nenninger says

    Look at the food that those folks eat but the people look much healthier than Americans do.

  30. LifeIsWhatYouMakeIt says

    Our version of the first dish in the US is Pot Pie, but most people heat up frozen ones. Homemade is really good. It was probably inspired by the early Scots-Irish settlers.

  31. Sharon Constable says

    mutton = sheep meat

  32. HonestyFirst says

    CORRECT TITLE: Millenial narcisist couple never figures out how to properly eat.

  33. little big man says

    I will bet that she bangs like a barn door in a gale force wind

  34. Azrael says

    You're in Scotland trust me there's real whisky in that sauce.

  35. Geoffrey Richardson says

    Mutton, is adult sheep

  36. ChrisMinusHumour says

    As a Scottish person, it is completely fine to not enjoy a deep fried mars bar. I don't really like them at all. However, Haggis sounds horrible but is actually lovely.

  37. Janis Dolan says

    Beeps and tatties, brilliant.

  38. Wayne Simpson says

    You didn't have to go to Edinburgh to find the pies. There's a Scottish deli in my little NJ town that makes great ones.

  39. pukipic says

    Where are the plates? How uncivilised and vulgar . Saving the washing up? . . . , I would have expecrted the food on a plate. Cheers!

  40. Michael Mabajhac says

    Haggis is dog food it is pure filth

  41. Scotti medolla says

    Oh boy, if we went to the USA with that attitude, in Mississippi, or similar; and mocked grits, they would shoot you!! You little children, with your UTUBE comfort zone, try snake, fried crawlies in asia, lambs eyeballs in Aleppo, or silk worms and hotpot brains in china , plus a few delicacies in Africa. THEN, AND ONLY then we will you be taken seriously.

  42. Donald Lingerfelt says

    You should have put HP Sauce on the meat pie. It makes it even better. I absolutely love Haggis

  43. Et Et says

    I can see my flat in this haha

  44. Randall Gordon says

    the haggis with cheese and mushrooms is great.

  45. Daniel Malloy says

    Dude, Dude, Dude, Dude

  46. glenell bandy says


  47. Charles Armstrong says

    So happy you tried Scottish food with an open mind. Also, very happy you`ve discovered what a pie really is.

  48. CauseEU says

    You should of had a Scottish breakfast it’s like an English one but better

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