Searching for Blue Skies! Let's SAIL! – Onboard Lifestyle ep.128


On this week’s episode of Onboard Lifestyle we leave Fort Bragg en route for Bodega Bay on our 435 catamaran SV basik. We look back at a our time in the Noyo River and Linh prepares the most amazing meal. Come back next week as we are forced to do a little R&M on basik…see you then!

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  1. Tetalon Starfyre says

    2 words fish finder

  2. cliff jamerson says

    Are y’all coming down here to Marina Del Rey ?

  3. Al A says

    Wow This was a really A-Z nuts & bolts vid. It had everything. Did I say enjoyable / interesting /full of adventure ….hike food sailing so on…Sorry for USA people with Covid 19 plus now the many forrest fires. We in the Vancouver BC area have had such hot sunny weather this summer and even in Sept many days 80 F. and that even close to Georgia Straight…inland 25 miles and it's hotter yet. But today ….the smoke from the fires south of us has totally made our day here like as if it's a foggy sort of day. SE wind brought the smoke I our way. And big temp. drop. I have cold goose bumps on my legs right now. ( out on patio ) 4:10 pm . Cali Oregon & Washington have all problems with the fires right now. 5-6 yrs ago we in BC had the very same problem. Congrads on another good run south.

  4. Boating Journey says

    Yummmmm! We'll have to try and remake that recipe. Looked delicious! Sorry it's so smokey in Bodega Bay now….yuck

  5. Jim K says

    Love Bodega Bay. Hope you hiked the Bodega Bay trail heads. Spectacular views.

  6. Charlotte says

    Loved this episode- what brand are the dry bags you were using on your picnic

  7. actoraa says

    Emma rocks. That's all.

  8. Michael Curran says

    Linh, you cook just like my wife, Anh! My guess is you guys are from the same home town. Emma, love the sport of fishing. Catching enhances the sport. The law is, just keep fishing you will be a better person for it. Love you guys!

  9. Steve Carrell says

    More Linh….less Teal…..please

  10. Kevin Carey says

    I can't decide which looked better, the seared tuna or the Poke salad, ate it ALL the time when I was living in Hawaii!!   Food Looks AMAZING Linh!   Awesome episode guys, and I am sure Emma will catch a tuna soon!!  Fair winds and following seas Basik!!

  11. Bill23799 says

    Be sure to visit " Tides Inn " at Bodega Bay. Dockside there was where part of the film" The Fog " was made . Also parts of Alfred Hitchcock's " The Birds " were filmed there.Did you know they are making an off Broadway live version of " The Birds " ?They are using an all Brooklyn born cast and it is called " Da Boids ".

  12. Bill23799 says

    I have been going through some of the older SV Basik Historical Records.Teal I did leave you a suggestion back then to replace the Hydraulic Steering Ram.I guess it would have been a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive for you to act onmy comment.I hope it helps to click Like on the old videos I missed.

  13. Chuck G says

    Emma, just had another thought. Get your own log book and start tracking EVERY day you are at sea and any time you are at the wheel even if only 15 min. In no time you will accumulate all the necessary “at sea” and in command time for a coast guard 100 ton license. Then you will need a physical and past the written and meet age requirements. The hardest part for most people is documenting time at sea, etc.. Do a spread sheet as well and keep it backed up but the CG likes paper a lot. It can be another merit badge, like fire fighting at sea, celestial navigation etc. and keep up the violin, this will make you welcome at many boating get togethers. Remember the sailors of old often had violins, but not guitars. Keep track of bar crossings too. You will not believe how much this experience history will also affect insurance cost etc.. and if Dad isn’t doing this get him and Mom started too. And in you log track in days at sea the nm sailed that day as well. If you invite me on board I’ll do the record keeping for you just to get you started and give Compass a rub from me please. ⚓️⛵️⛵️

  14. Erehwon says

    ais is tracking…. Yay… when you travel back north, I recommend a couple of things to check, in oregon. if you stop in port Orford, the crazy Norwegian has a good fish and chips. in coos bay, the myrtle wood tree grows, check out some of the shops selling products made from the wood. as it only grows in the coos country micro climate and in an area in Israel. these are the only known areas in the world the tree grows.. the trees leaves, bark and raw wood have a distinct aroma. happy travels..

  15. jodi mullen says

    Bodega Bay..Occidental.. west county is the best place on earth. In my humble opinion. Fishetarian is an excellent market/eatery if you’re still there.

  16. C Lee Shannon says

    That was short and sweet!

  17. Lawrence Rinaldo says

    Hey Teal, check out a product from Prop Speed. It is a product to lessen the buildup on your propeller. If you like do this on your next haul out.

  18. Thomas Speck says

    Eats Fish raw, fries the Salad … looks so wrong to me … ^^

  19. Craig1968 says

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase stop with the advertisements in you videos

  20. John Beatty says

    I've been bodega bay. Long ago

  21. Jim Heitman says

    Still waiting for build of canopy

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