Season 7 Semi-Final Dishes! | MasterChef Australia


The top 3 semifinalists face a four-hour service challenge, in which they have to cook one main dish and a dessert to be served to 20 diners and to the judges in the MasterChef Kitchen!

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Welcome to the official MasterChef Australia YouTube channel! ??

MasterChef Australia is a cooking competition that takes talented home cooks through a series of culinary challenges, mystery boxes and invention tests!

The chosen contestants pitch their skills against the world’s greatest chefs and create 5 stars dishes under incredible pressures.

However, in the end, only one home cook will become Australia’s next MasterChef ?‍??‍?

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  1. Ameerah Zahrani says

    I’m going to Australia just to eat the sweets they made.

  2. max Schliesing says

    Sarah is fine…

  3. latino heat says

    It's good to watch but please remove these adds its spoiling the interest

  4. all is well all is well says

    Billie I love you

  5. yoga my life says

    Reynold deserve it winner ? se7 ?❤️❤️?

  6. zero Krm says

    billy billy billy ,, u beautiful

  7. Nusrat Hussain says

    Bille is extremely pretty and her food presentation is always amazing. I really hope she gonna win.

  8. Paaru xD says

    Sara is so beautiful ❤️

  9. Global Khan says

    U know you know what this is very heartwarming and the best Master chef season i've ever seen in all YouTube video

  10. Barbara Sanchez says

    Great to see you back Reynaldo

  11. Pratik Patel says

    I love Billie ???

  12. Thanzzz K says

    Shouldn't have watched this while on diet ?

  13. James Crossland says

    What's the spider comments?

  14. Ashwini Somani says

    Its all just so intresting n tempting at the same time!!

  15. Welly Kurniawan says

    Billie…she is so beatiful…her food as well as herself

  16. Samriddhi Saxena says

    Damn we're early

  17. Snowy says

    “You talk, I’m eating.”I’m gonna use that lol

  18. rauha fatima says

    1st like ,1st cmnt, 1st viewPlz somebody gimme a MEDALL

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