Sega Genesis Classic Game Console Review


A slight update to the original AT Games model, with 80 built in games, wireless controllers, and cartridge compatibility, this is a pretty nifty system for the casual Genesis player. At around $40, its quite affordable and can also use regular controllers. This system contians 40 Genesis games and 40 minigames.

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  1. Tiger Gray says

    they shouldve added street fighter 2

  2. NijiMarii says

    I don't know if it's my cartridge, but when I tried to play "Animaniacs" for Genesis on this console, it was black and white and not centered properly. 🙁

  3. Doll Face says

    omg they butchered the Sonic music.

  4. Aaron AJ Knight says

    So if the built-in games sound different, how do the cartridge games sound?

  5. Grapebuy789Productions says

    Weird question. But would anyone know if Sesame Street Counting Cafe works on this model?

  6. beefcurtainz69 says

    Are those two ports on the front for the original sega genesis controllers that I still have from my old genesis??

  7. Very Us says

    How about Warsong, does it support that game?

  8. wwolf771177 says

    Good review.

  9. Subzero1579 says

    I got this console it's pretty good my favorite game there is sonic 3d blast. They could of improved it by adding real games instead of minigames.

  10. MrMariobros222 says

    why there isn't sonic 3 or sonic 3 and knuckles on the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console?!?!

  11. AlphaMax says

    Saw this at wallgreens. I will be picking this up when I get paid this week. can't wait. I still have most of my old genesis games even all the sonic games with sonic and knuckles. 🙂 

  12. ViciousDave4Life says

    Does a game genie work with it? I remember the regular system I didn't have one for, but I had one for the SNES.

  13. Colin Kufro says

    its over nine thousand

  14. Joshua Maxwell says

    I just ordered mine from Groupon, and it comes with 90 games now!

  15. Amanda Butcher says

    I woke up this morning and found my mom playing Sonic and she told me about how she found this at Dollar General for $40! It's great because the compound (is that what it's called?) cord on our old Genesis is broken and is really hard to get working and we lost both of our old Sonic games! Now I have them and many, many more! Well worth the money, I'd say.

  16. Video Games Are Fun says

    this is also great for ppl who travel on business. easy to tuck into your luggage or carry on. you can always play a quick casual sonic or altered beast game to take a break from your work

  17. CookmanRob says

    I just got this for my son for his 4th birthday. Im really excited that he has a chance to grow up on the same games that his dad did. I found it on toys r us for $49.99

  18. ant10279 says

    The game with the eye on it at the end of the video, what game is that?

  19. cheese douger says

    Me and the brothers got it for Christmas! Only 40 dollars! We enjoy it very much!

  20. Yakuza Games says

    Cool man. Its sems that the compatibility is pretty good for the most part minus a handfull. Thanks for the updates.

  21. SoulWarrior265 says

    More games I can confirm to work. The Lost Vikings, Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (though it has audio issues when booted up that ironically can be fixed by pausing, of all things), El Viento and Valis III.
    Here is a piece of advice as well. If the game doesn't work the first time you insert it, try taking it out and inserting it again. I found out that some of the games that I tried that didn't work the first time I inserted the cartridge worked the second time and every time afterwards.

  22. J Riley says

    it's fixed now. all I had to do was unplug all of my xbox 360 cables, since all I did the first time was unplug the display and yellow audio cables. thanks

  23. Yakuza Games says

    If you are using a newer television sometimes placing the Video wire in a different video input or setting will correct this. I'd see if that works or test it on a standard def tv. That happens when I try to put Composite yellow into my PSTV. It just doesn't care to run the older signal.

  24. J Riley says

    how do you get it in color? I bought one today and it's black and white

  25. Marcos Lopez says

    I got this for Christmas (obviously can't open it yet). I was never really into Sega systems but I thought this system looked very nice but I think the sounds might hurt the game. It would've been better to get the Sega Genesis collection game on the Xbox 360 since its HD with correct sound. I just hope it looks decent on an HDTV since I don't have a standard TV around anymore.

  26. SoulWarrior265 says

    Another one I can confirm. Final Zone has issues with the name in the title screen being garbled, but everything else seems normal, including all menus in the title screen and options menu. If I buy any more carts, I'll let you know if what I buy is compatible or not.

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