1. Logi Bear says

    To To think

  2. Benjamin Owuye Jagun says

    Yes this is more like it. The Mega Drive uses the CPS1 drums and sounds much closer to the arcade than any other home port with the exception of the Sharp X68000 version which is basically the CPS1 version as Capcom programmed most of their CPS1 arcade games on it.

  3. psyance_ql says

    To think that Capcom underused the Mega Drive sound capabilities and the music still sounds that good (and even better on real hardware unlike here), this says a lot about Sega's console potential. And same for the game actually, the Mega Drive version is the best 4th gen console port but it could have been even better! It could have run in higher resolution + with bigger sprites, just like Eternal Champions or Samurai Shodown, and the voices + sound FX could have been improved as well just as stef's hack proved (but the voices are still more accurate than SNES version).Anyway it's an awesome game, one of the most important in gaming history and one of the most timeless too!

  4. Parallax Craze says

    Yeah the whole soundtrack is better on Mega Drive/Genesis anyway with the exception of Sagat's stage.

  5. Callum Brown says

    hi bro could you make this rar file format download album please?

  6. Zane Gandini says

    // The SNES version was good, but it failed to make me excited to play because it needs more PUNCH.The Genesis version has all the punch you need! Fuck yeah, let's start playing!

  7. BefallenLegate says

    Played this so much at a friends house and my goodness genesis had diarrhea sound quality. Game was amazing and felt solid and had great graphics for it's time but my oh my the sound is why I never became as addicted to guile theme until recently.

  8. Myron says

    I saw this game on the WII Virtual Console. I hope to get a card, buy it and download soon. I think it's only 800 points.

  9. Ario Triwibowo says

    punch! (a guy punching in the beginning)

  10. Raf31 says

    :') This brings back some good memories

  11. Abzal Zhanbirov says


  12. Nubecuube says

    This song changed gaming!

  13. MDthornton83 says

    Who could forget the classic Street Fighter opening theme? I had this song stuck in my head for years!

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