Selling Colombian Food Out Of A Bedroom Window In Brooklyn


Through her project La TropiKitchen, Stephanie Bonnin makes handcrafted Colombian food and sells it from her apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Before COVID-19, Stephanie hosted pop-ups and dinner parties, but since the start of the pandemic, she’s sold her arepas, enyucados, bollos, pasteles, and more directly from her bedroom window. Stephanie travels throughout Colombia to learn from local women about her country’s varying culinary histories, from the Andes to the Amazon to major cities, then she takes this knowledge back to New York.

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  1. Adrianne Wright says

    This video was everything. Literally EVERYTHING. ❤️ 🇨🇴

  2. kmusic says

    She just going to ignore the health Department haahah?

  3. Luz Leyva says


  4. Dayana Luik says

    Mamasita divina hermosaaaaa!!!!! Gracias por representarnos tan en alto mujer!! 🇨🇴 ❤️🇨🇴❤️🇨🇴

  5. Jelly says

    Cool girl

  6. Gilbert Flores says

    Love Colombia. Your food looks amazing. Love from the US 😊🙏🏻❤️

  7. Cam B says

    Hey yall I just read online that she can't sell out of bedroom its against the law i hope she sees this so nyc help her so she can actually do it. Look it up I did it says its illegal for her to be making it in her apartment at all not against her just want to help her so can do it right

  8. Carlos Yockteng says


  9. AuntyM66 says

    This girl can cook and she is making me hungry.

  10. JMarie Poetry says

    Right On !!!!

  11. Meka Doe says

    I love everything about her and her hustle…. I would eat her food without hesitation. So many restaurants are disgusting. If worked at a mcdonald's that had a rat in the ice cream machine for all 3 days I worked there. They also had roaches and a staff that was sickening. Baby this lady deserves her own restaurant. If I had money id send her whatever just to start her business

  12. Stepha Holic says

    I wish her nothing but the best. Thank you

  13. Ishrat Jahan says

    The passion she has for her art is just one of the most beautiful thing in this world. She's an artist, give her proper respect.

  14. Ishrat Jahan says

    Her food looks like art oh my god i love this😍❤

  15. Sapphire Blue says

    This was so fulfilling to watch. As a Brooklynite, I’m proud. As a Caribbean-American I am proud. As a woman I am proud.

  16. Jamaica's Last Beach says

    Woohoo Caribbean….big up all yaadie !

  17. Galaxy Angel says

    Now this is what you call heartfelt genuine cooking, cooking with love is what makes it delicious it's the beat thing ever

  18. Dulce Lucciani says

    She’s dope, this is dope ✨

  19. cipi33 says

    Good job. I like your passion for cooking the old way and the originality of the food. Keep doing what you are doing and the results will be more then what you expected. Great job.

  20. johnny Quest says

    Awesome cook

  21. Fluffy G says

    Que ORGULLO me da en ver unas mujeres tan bellas sobreviviendo durante este maldito plaga. Muchisima suerte y que sigan ayudando a la comunidad. Bendiciones. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Fluffy G says

    Definition of the word hustler: La tropi kitchen ❤

  23. Rachel and Max says

    Her demeanor tho. 👌🏽 ~~Mujer Hispana 🌻

  24. Esmeralda Oporta says

    Muchas felicidades por tu comida y seguir tu raices y trabajadora 😘 😉 😊

  25. Jackal says

    Looks like it slaps bought to take a trip up to new york

  26. De Ma says

    You go Girl keep doing what you do…Well wishes to you! Be well an stay safe🌻 Someone should contact or send this video to Sophia V from Modern Family!!

  27. Anita Ridley-Jones says


  28. Shannah Brown Hightower says

    Now! That's hustling

  29. Tanya Galitan says

    Love this. This is really cool continue with your dreams.👍
    Be Safe Everyone🌎😷

  30. Kitu's Junkyard says

    I'm so proud of my heritage
    Too bad the native plant poisoned me – that girl

    Same! I love my country, too bad I can't stand it 😁

  31. Yo Oy says

    She's genius , wish her best of luck

  32. Ian McDonald says

    shes going crazy with the cooking! and I can't believe i'm the only one who peeped the buns O_O

  33. Ivette Varela says

    Cual es la direccion en Brooklyn?? Tropic Kitchen….

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