SFG Soccer: Football Fever


Download the free demo:
This is the much anticipated PC version of the XBox Live Indie hit SFG Soccer. Outside publishing help has allowed us to polish the graphics, gameplay and audio even more to truly make this a one-of-a-kind arcade style football game. More info can be found at

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  1. Official DPPS says

    Hey why can't i get the game now

  2. NanoBiceps says

    I want this game to be free everything i want to play is paid

  3. juan Ruiz says

    It is on ps3 or ps4 ?

  4. StirFryGames says

    I was thinking about that recently… we've got a couple of projects on the go right now but maybe in 2013 we'll make an iOS version.

  5. Jamdod101 says

    I'm hooked on this game, Maybe a sequel with online and some improvements?

  6. KALzzone8 says

    This is so fun game! 🙂 Good job!
    You should make this game to iphone/ipad, because it would be just what iphone gamers need: simple, addicting arcade soccer! 🙂 I think it would sell well on itunes store.

  7. Miras Berdikhan says


  8. GODHEAVAN says

    yh 😀

  9. StirFryGames says

    @GODHEAVAN sorry it was our first game! I want all of our future games to have online play… Thanks for playing!

  10. GODHEAVAN says

    i got full gme on xbox 😀 i wis it was online

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