Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea | Extended Premier League highlights | McGoldrick goals secure EPL win


Over twelve minutes of extended highlights from Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane victory over Chelsea in the English Premier League.

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  1. evilotis01 says

    5:42 O'Connell's play here is a great example of the overlapping centre-halves about whom so much has been written. Sheff Utd have some really fascinating and innovative tactics. if Guardiola had come up with this everyone would be wetting themselves

  2. SeanMainaKanyeki GRADE 4 2020 says

    subscribe to this channel and sasoma watoto and muranga kanyeki plz i beg u plz i beg

  3. Yesica Pacheco says


  4. Saladinho Assis says


  5. Nuzulul Ramadhan says

    Commentators ?

  6. Nedu TheGoat says

    Nice game blades

  7. niki dominikus says

    The next one FA CUP vs MU? and EPL Chelsea vs Liverpool? the last Chelsea vs Wolve.and then Champion League vs Bayern Munchen? all gonna loose? Lampard you better do something? Jurginho Barkly & goal keeper useless get Willy Cabalero/Kante/Kovacik striker we need Loftus/Pulisic/Giroud/wilan/Metsy

  8. Alnir Zaly says

    Congrats SU. 1st goal – Jorginho. 2nd goal – Kepa. 3rd goal – Rudi. Ross, Jorginho and Kepa, can you guys sell yourself to fund for Kai’s arrival?


    u re the best Sheffield United

  10. That Ellipsis Guy says

    This the fakest fake crowd noise around…

  11. muslihan dayani says

    Pro liga

  12. PS Alfa 555 6IX9INE says


  13. Hungarian Sheffield United F. C. Fans says

    Well you can have £150M transfer budget, but…

  14. Ross Morea says

    I can't see the supporters, where is all the noise coming from?

  15. Logan Williams says

    Congrats didsy ???

  16. Kwaza Kuizq says

    Well, one more mission Sheffield come on beat Leicester!

  17. Andrew Morris says

    It's going to be a brilliant end of season run in with 9points on offer and i think, all being well, we've got a great chance and doing the unthinkable and take all lot with the way we playing why not, and a possible return of Fleck. It would be an harsh move for Wilder to take Ozzy out at moment because he's took his chance and done really really well excellent in fact. So it's going to interesting what our gaffer is going to do it really is..⚔

  18. Steve Manning says

    Beautiful result

  19. Zaki Hussein says

    Dead team

  20. obi fortune says

    Barkley looks like a 5 year old kicking the ball whenever he attempts a shot from outside the box, he needs to get in the box to make those attempts .

  21. David Adjetey says

    I'm so sorry I didn't record this match. I didn't realise how good it would turn out to be. Does anyone know where I can buy the DVD or get a download of the full match? ?

  22. Hugo Freitas says

    I just want to highlight Kepa's save prior to Sheffield's goal.

  23. المسيكي العنزي says

    احلى اشتراك بالقناة عشان المالك سعودي ? وصرنا نحب النادي بعد ونشجعه

  24. st. paulitsch says

    THESE HIGHLIGHTS are real HIGHLIGHTS @Arsenal !!!

  25. joeykiller says

    the commentary sounds like its from horse racing lol

  26. Mgr. Ivo Mac Etchu says

    Chelsea too exposed at the back. Seems like Lampard does not know what he's doing. Worst Chelsea team ever to watch in years. Why keep changing the team? 1 more year, and Lampard out. No excuses.

  27. Neil Dickson says

    teams win all the time but 1 or 2 players maybe didnt have a good game but shefield united every player was on point.well done lads yous are fucking up our chances for top 4 lol but really well deserved of luck getting into europe next year lads

  28. Zoon Geralt says

    We bought kepa for 72 million, you could buy and run a formula 1 team for a year for that money.

  29. Fadlin _ says


  30. greezy gaza says

    Chelsea were sleeping in this match how can they be beaten 3-0 even if i am an amateur in football no team can score like this when am playing mehn

  31. music by Ali J says

    Love seeing newly promoted teams actually try and do well in the league rather than just trying to stay up, really hope they get into Europe because they absolutely deserve it

  32. ziling liang says

    The blades deserve a ECL qualification!

  33. Andria Gaming says

    Shefield teamplay is most satisfying to watch

  34. Andria Gaming says

    Shefield teamplay is most satisfying to watch

  35. Purnell Charles says

    Liverpool fan here, Good job Sheffield.

  36. Nigel Minor says

    A united fan here to say THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL GAME GUYS!!! CHEERS….

  37. ابو عبد الرحمن says

    Well done boys we want to see next season new faces in the Premier league ??Fighting for the ?

  38. Hassan says

    sheffield played good but god chelsea's defending was awful this game

  39. Enock Narh says

    Please wear the Chelsea colours when you are doing the preview. I am superstitious. ……..

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