1. ERIC ASANTE says

    Lampard should learn to be consistent with his best eleven. That's his major weakness

  2. CR7XH says

    Great video ⚽️

  3. oda Cali ibrahim says



    Easy training

  5. T. Ainzúa says

    Sheffield is a damn rat, they always play 30% possession and win with only counterattacks. They did the same with Spurs and now they do it with Chelsea. His playing style is very irritating and gross

  6. SABAZFLOW says

    Pulisic is better

  7. Charlie Richardson says


  8. rajnish thakur says

    I am big fan of Chelsea and my favourite player is Frank Lampard. This is worst performance by Chelsea player’s. they play like small kids. I think they play better than Chelsea player’s. Lampard you tell them if you perform like this then don’t play.Really I am very sad ???

  9. Samurai_213 says

    How u got 1mill subs and 0 comments

  10. Tihz Vade says

    mid f

  11. Patsy Letts says


  12. JACK DANIELS says


  13. Harti Aja says

    Yes Chealse Lose

  14. Emmanuel Femi says


  15. A1pha Nivy says

    These shitholes can’t defend for shit,we’ve signed attackers which is okay but we don’t need attackers to bad,I don’t like to criticise lamps but mate why did you spend 100 mill on attackers which we particularly did not need,and not sign defenders,we can’t keep clean sheets or defend set pieces he’ll we can’t even defend instead of spending 60 mill on Werner we could have signed a top class defender

  16. S. .D says

    Well 3-0 I’m gonna kms

  17. Ini Satria says


  18. Paul Afonrinwo says

    Willian is way better

  19. Tymoh Mutua says

    I started supporting Sheffield United in 1640BC before young RVP mason Greenwood was born??

  20. Mitchel Moore says


  21. John Shamaki says

    lampard is shit always start tammy because he is english

  22. dino gaming yt 6 says

    Hi big fan

  23. Safwana Sahani says

    1St viewers

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