#SheMustCount: Episode 3 – Health Care (starring Marie Avgeropoulos)


Join Marie Avgeropoulos as she learns about the pioneering health care programs FFLV provides to children, combatting everyday health issues as well as life threatening emergencies.

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    you are awesome Marie . Greetings from Turkey

  2. Joanna M says

    Beautiful video #india #the100

  3. Monse De haro says

    eres la mejor persona del mundo

  4. Taylor Gross says

    Yay Marie!!

  5. Nallely Lopez says

    Wow I'm super proud of her I love her is the best?❤️

  6. Brandy ward says

    This is a beautiful thing, and i hope people donate and help?

  7. OM Ahimsa says

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  8. Krishna Krishna says

    if you can show more of local emotions like the last shot in previous clip, lady's words in this clip; if you can portray their depth of love for krishna in these clips…

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