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WEIGHT LOSS X is a 50 Days Weight Loss reality show on YouTube where 16 overweight participants will compete to lose maximum weight at home.
The show has been designed, created and hosted by Guru Mann.

Once we have selected the candidates, we will reach out to them for the verification.
Participants list and introduction video will be out in 4-5 days

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  1. Aman Sagar says

    I'm very excited and intrested to take the participation in this program and most important thing is to get chance to be part of GM nutrition academy and gain imp knowledge about fitness and aware others about this I want to be select in that 16 participants🙏🙏🙏 #MissionIndiaFit…

  2. Vivek Narayan Singh says

    Sir clear shave acchi nahi lagti

  3. Marie - wir uns kennenlernen says

    1:59 außergewöhnlich

  4. Rope jump motivation says

    Already submitted lets see what happened..if it is in luck

  5. Amit kaushal says

    Guru mann is always fair

  6. preet kamal says

    Love You Bai Oye…

  7. Gurpreet Singh says

    ustad video te filter bahut ne…

  8. nabeelbajwa76 says

    I have lean body thats why i think i never won

  9. nabeelbajwa76 says


  10. nabeelbajwa76 says


  11. nabeelbajwa76 says


  12. nabeelbajwa76 says


  13. nabeelbajwa76 says


  14. nabeelbajwa76 says


  15. nabeelbajwa76 says


  16. nabeelbajwa76 says


  17. Faheem Gaur says

    Nice job 👌

  18. veer Singh says

    My bro must be health minister of india 101% better than illiterate 2 korri ke tporri gunde leaders ..Guru mann zindawad and its ur credibility u r down to earth , providing free free knowledge… thx thx thx

  19. Venkat CH says

    Legend industry fitness guru mann bro

  20. Mohit Khatana says

    Lots of love from meerut

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