Tobi helps me prepare for the Sidemen Charity Football Match. Enjoy!

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  1. johan marquez says

    If they make another charity match, I want to see videos of Tobi training Vik

  2. Nasim Ejbaei says

    big up tobi for helping vik

  3. Navaneeth Devaraj says

    I'm telling this right here, right now, if Vikk continues to work, he will score in the 2021 charity match.

  4. Scottyboi69 says

    No other sideman would do this and give him this support

  5. DRAGON KINGO’S says

    9:48 where did the ball dissapear top right

  6. Riley Crosby says

    this video is so wholesome

  7. Yhyh my bro Bro bro says

    Tobi is like a proud dad to vikk

  8. Anees says

    Warzone king

  9. Sindre Kvisvik says

    anyone else here in 2020! and when i am looking at this now. the view count is 1232456!! That is close to 123456 LOL. matches Vikstar123

  10. Lovro Siget says

    Good Job vik

  11. brat iz komsiluka says

    Tobi seems like very cool guy

  12. _itz_ thomson_ says

    Crazy how far Vik has come to football!

  13. Hey there. says

    "Controll that, Love that, Smack that"

  14. Callum Finazzi says

    Tobi is so nice

  15. Mr Akmal711 says

    Honestly, just get involved and play football with your mates. You'll automatically get better

  16. Conor McGann says

    * tobi

  17. Conor McGann says

    Man to I is so nice he’s a great guy

  18. Gopal Chellingi says

    This is the last video where he went outside. I shall wait a long time again where he does another outside video that isn't about gaming.

  19. Anime Noob says

    We know what happened at the match ?

  20. Use code lazar in the Fortnite item shop A.c.c says

    VIK did very well I’m proud

  21. Harrison park says

    these two have such a good friendship

  22. Maxi Gonzalez says

    Big ups to tobi bro like tobi is such great person

  23. Naomi Ware says

    My fav ❤️

  24. TechnoGamer says

    Subbed to Tobi after watching this

  25. the transformers geek says

    Liked subscribed turned on notifications keep up the amazing work

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