Slow Jam the News with President Obama


Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow jam the news, discussing Obama’s legacy, accomplishments and thoughts on the 2016 election.

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“Slow Jam the News” with President Obama

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  1. Keira WOODS says


  2. king Fazan Ajo says

    How can you hate a man like this though?

  3. Ava Harrison says

    I love him so much

  4. Snooze is evil says

    You know what he failed to do? Stop Trump supporters from believing Trump's lies.

    For that, I blame Obama

  5. Daniel De Oliveira says

    Me: gives my dog a bowl of the same food he's been eating for 6 years
    my dog: 3:12

  6. blkbella says

    Wow, what a sh@tshow these last four years have been. Dang we had it good with President Obama. He has swag like no other President before him and I love that makes cheetoh puff so very mad! What can you do, haters will hate!

  7. kamlesh lokwani says

    Hahae so good

  8. Fry Bread Wisdom says

    I miss you so much.

  9. moist gold fish ? says

    Damn… during the 2016 debate, I honestly hated both Hillary and Trump. Now I wish we had Hillary instead 🙁

  10. Scott Perry says

    Wow! A must watch!

  11. Ryan Tirrell says

    Bring him back haha!

  12. Tech Tiger says

    Still cant believe Americans traded this guy in for Trump. Lets hope they get it right this time!

  13. Pamela Cox says

    God I miss Obama. Biden 2020.

  14. Jesse Barlow says

    He didn't crack a smile ONCE! What a professional. Class act. God damn

  15. Griselda Baldovinos says

    Here I'am,looking for some relief😢

  16. Mojo Risin' says

    Haha awesome

  17. Julie Marini says

    And Trump was already F&@&) things up!!’

  18. Premier Romanov says

    Oh boy he looks tired…..

  19. elinota sam says

    wow, wow…

  20. Scott Gaffney says

    Why the band member throw president Obama under the bus. "He talking about donald trump" lol

  21. Judy DEBonis says


  22. Judy DEBonis says


  23. Baohan Huynh says

    “DADDY’s got a wine vacation” 🥵🥵🥵😩😩😩😩😩
    Ok I miss himmmmm

  24. Reet Rathore says

    Barack Obama is like American Amitabh Bachchan

  25. Jeffrey says

    Remember having a president that could string together coherent sentences

  26. James Ward says

    Obama is a billion times better than Trump.

  27. Lone Star Beats says

    Watch and make a decision for yourself on who Joe Biden is..

  28. Gayle Halstead says

    I love President Barack Obama

  29. Phoebe Guan says

    Does Obama practice his walks in front of the mirror or what? Such swag and class! <3

    Real talk though… we could've been the leader in developing renewable energy, yet some administration has put us 4 yrs behind in schedule while China and other nations are catapulting ahead.
    If the whole world is looking into cleaner energy and the US is reminiscing the past (e.g. fossil fuel), does that make us great again?
    If education, science research, and ingenious engineering development got us to the moon and beyond, but all we do in 2020 is doubt our own scientists on COVID approach, climate change, etc.: does that make us great again?
    If any political debates, including those between presidential candidates, are reduced to nothing but non-factual claims and name-calling from both sides, does that make us great again?

  30. Black Rorshach says

    Nah man…this is too funny – Rorshach voice

  31. Black Rorshach says

    🤣🤣🤣 – Rorshach voice

  32. Robin Brown says

    Pres Obama and Denzel got that same walk with swag baby swag

  33. Soltice 1111 says

    When we had a president

  34. Emre Yamangil says

    Not a day goes by that I don't miss him, by now I wish we were living under Obama's dictatorship 🙁

  35. Asdfg Wert says

    The first president who gave money to ISIS killed and destroyed millions of people's lifes

  36. GrungyAssCinema says

    Trump would never agree to do this lol I miss Obama

  37. Michelle Cartwright says

    Such a cool president

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