SN vs TES | Semifinal Game 3 | World Championship | Suning vs. Top Esports (2020)


2020 World Championship Semifinals Day 2 #Worlds2020

Suning vs. Top Esports

Suning Line up:
• Bin – Top Jax
• SofM – Jungle Shen
• Angel – Mid Orianna
• huanfeng – ADC Ezreal
• SwordArt – Support Leona

Top Esports Line up:
• 369 – Top Renekton
• Karsa – Jungle Lee Sin
• knight – Mid Ekko
• JackeyLove – ADC Caitlyn
• yuyanjia – Support Lux

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  1. Baconking 33 says

    The sunning jungled said later that that was his first Shen game ever

  2. LaMega Mule says

    Bin eyebrows move faster than his Jax

  3. ew0k k says

    45:51 observers giving them the dragon stack even before killing it lol

  4. Amine AHMARRAS says

    the casting is so lame, min 20 oriana ult cast….

  5. Andrew Kong says

    River Shen

  6. Nacho Aquino says

    Someone know why Ekko dunno get his R up till level 10?

  7. Kai Hamasaki says

    Suning is insane. TES just not that good today, disappointing but props for Suning. Jackeylove tilted really hard, he really is overrated

  8. umarun says

    I think Lee should be an instaban against TES btw

  9. Minh Hoang Do says

    River shen moment 13:40

  10. Nightpony inRface says

    Why the F does Lux have "Resolve"? Where is the logic in that?

  11. Nguyễn Thành says

    Bin and SoFM ===> Good

  12. Atomic Pancakes says

    Pick and bans: 2:20
    Game start: 10:40

  13. hai hoang says

    OMG!! shen

  14. Fernando Mestanza says

    Caedrel casting!

  15. Vojta V says

    As a Caitlyn main, I feel like I should always say it Caitlyn Morgana > Caitlyn Lux at least into Leona

  16. joham says


  17. Phan Hieu says

    sn unbelieve

  18. neck George says

    The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves

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