Sniper Honor: best top game of 2019 for ios and android! Best sniper game!


Sniper Honor official released now! Be a cool assassin!
Play now:

Fight for honor! Pick up the sniper rifle at hand and experience the cold-blooded career as a professional assassin!
Sniper Honor is a real-life 3D shooting game with best shooting experience and superb gameplay. Fight against the gangs in the city, or the highest leader of the criminal forces, everything happens in the blink of an eye! It’s completely free, and this is the best sniper shooting game you can play in the market!

?How to play:
● Confirm the target according to the lead
● Wait patiently and watch carefully
● Lock the target, trigger the rifle
● Earn rewards and strengthen weapons

?Game Features:
● The current best graphics and 3D design, with breath-taking slow-motion shots.
● Collect the sniper rifles from real world and put them in your kit!
● Excellent game and level design to fully experience the career as a sniper.
● A variety of props to help you in battle, make the killing easier.
● It’s completely free! Join the battle at no cost, download the game and experience it instantly!
● Biohazrd Alert: Prevent zombies from infecting they and destroying them with rampage!
● Multiple mission modes with diverse gameplay, you must download!
● Can be experienced without internet, play anywhere you want!

Sniper Honor will put you in the city streets with constantly changing environment. Put gang members, evil leaders and savage mobs into eternal sleep through the sniper rifles in your hands. With the best graphics and superb FPS experience, the career of an assassin is right there in your device. You can experience dozens of different types of tasks, such as saving the hostages, killing dangerous gangsters, protecting the police and assassination of the evil leaders, etc. Every action will be instructed, please observe and trigger the final shot!

Sniper Honor contains several real-life sniper rifles and will continue to expand. Enhance and upgrade your weapon components by completing the mission for greater power and better killing! A wide variety of game scenes will be switched from action to action. As a top assassin, you must make a critical strike in a complex environment. Fight for honor!

Forget about those lame shooting games and join Sniper Honor now! Don’t be bound by the rules, use your own method to solve the problem ahead!

Download for free now! We will regularly provide excellent updates to expand your sniper career.

Thank you for playing!
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  1. CR7fanboy says

    Fuddu game h

  2. ميدوو اليمن says

    where is the last chapter

  3. Chandhu Santhosh says


  4. Chandhu Santhosh says


  5. Chandhu Santhosh says


  6. Бек Самбист says

    Почему последняя версия не открывается.

  7. Afonso Fernandes says

    Vou cancelar minha assinatura, este game só vai até a oitava missão, vou esperar só até dia 18 próximo, se não liberarem da nona missão para frente, tô fora…..

  8. Mohd Nadeem says


  9. Nono Bond says

    Pls give me wifi

  10. Nono Bond says

    Pls hacker giver me wifi

  11. pms454 says

    They need to update their shit fast!

  12. omar cervantes says

    Tiene problemas en cargar la energía si no fuera por eso estuviera maravilloso saludos y cuídense

  13. José María Vázquez says

    Llegué a la misión 8 y no se actualiza más ??‍♂️Hace 2 semanas que estoy esperando que la siguiente misión se habilite y solo dice "coming soon" si ésta semana que viene no aparece lo voy a borrar (la bronca que ya tenía las mejores armas a full)

  14. Dušan Nazarej says

    Luxusní hra??

  15. Oscar Sanchez says


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