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  1. Link says

    Besides everything Betty actually really nice

  2. Krish GABA says

    That Aussie mum with the oranges. ?Very very true

  3. Olisio2009 says

    “We will destroy them we will punish them!“ the other team: ???

  4. Demon Fan says

    Barry:'the opponents are your friend you treat them with udder and upmotion respect'. Other coach:'we will punish them we will fuck them we will destroy their whole existence'.

  5. Frank Pudarich says

    Ha ha ha!

  6. Angelo Carbone says

    I’m sorry, but the Aussie soccer coach Barry is just too funny. Lol

  7. Samurai Brix says

    I know people are going to kill me, but it’s Football ⚽️ not soccer.

  8. Jake gaming Mcluster says

    when you look at scp 096 2:09

  9. Cabbage Master says

    Where’s the Karen mum

  10. QSM SN1P3R says

    Superwog: socceroos so I can get payed 10 a week iwillplay for European leagueCoach: he will earn 1 billioooooon

  11. thicc_tortellini says

    0:47 "Soceroos? WhAt sO i caN EaRn tEn BucKs a WeEk? EUROPEAN LEAGUE BRO"What a legend.

  12. Hugh Moscardo says

    Imaging superwog winning the championsleauge! LMAO

  13. Arnie Sahota says

    When you started a witch in left 4 dead 2:09

  14. Lxtti. says

    1:19 ???? what the f you doing ya hog ????

  15. Sam da defender says

    “He will earn 1 billion!” ???

  16. stolzer kurde says

    Foul ankd everybody Go to Flor … Einfach schwalbe

  17. AsianGetWrice says

    whos here in 2020

  18. Yung Jacky says

    “He will earn 1 billion”

  19. Itisyaboicaz YT says

    we will punish them we will fuck them we will destroy their entire existence

  20. Rahul Pant says

    I think he means "football"

  21. Toni Jones says

    I play soker

  22. Your Local Druggo says

    Soccer is for pussiea

  23. Adam Ignaczewski says

    What I don’t fukin dive

  24. Cool Anime Reviews! says

    Still disappointed he didn’t name the white Aussie MUM Karen

  25. the upside down says

    It's football deal with it

  26. Edward Lillis says

    this is so bias

  27. M90s OG says

    Plz dont say soccer again.

  28. EKingVideos says

    2:08 I couldn’t stop laughing when he was running at the red “REF U STUPID REF” ?? might of been the funniest thing I have ever seen

  29. Dorian D'Orazio says

    Haha I was the guy that scored and did the crazy celebration although it was the only goal Iv'e scored since I'm a defender

  30. Mo says

    Football not soccer

  31. Nicholas Youroukelis says

    soccer is the beautiful game as pele said

  32. Itisyaboicaz YT says

    He will earn 1 BILLION

  33. Taj Taylor says

    84kg 5,9 22nd May 2020

  34. zeshan sajid says

    Whos the best team

  35. DJ Confidential says

    2:00 love when he jumps I cracked up

  36. Satan_MyDxddy xX says

    2:09 Is the Best Part of the Video :3

  37. chubzy_ys says

    “The ref was on their side, the ref was on their side” the way he said dat???

  38. David Zelevarov says

    Lol. : D

  39. Ngaupoko Kare says

    I watched every single episode

  40. MirageMinx says

    2:09 when that one kid at the party find a stick and sees the piñata hanging up

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