1. Ijneb1248 says

    I cried

  2. JSN IRWN a.k.a nobody knows says


  3. Mr. Someone says


  4. Leighton Petty says

    This is heartbreakingly depressing to watch up until the last 10 seconds

  5. bEtchaos7 says

    at long last, ai has recreated one to one the elegance and grace of a soccer player tripping on air and floundering about on the floor

  6. dark_mind says

    So this is basically fifa but good ?

  7. Jarray Playz says

    It’s kinda magical

  8. Quatron says

    New FIFA22 looks amazing !!

  9. Blacula Playz says

    still better than real soccer

  10. Gabriel R says

    I really want to like this video but it's named soccer instead of football : /

  11. lilsaiyan says

    I feel like this is actually dunkeys preferred genre of music

  12. dong ding says

    This game came out too early. Shoulda ve waited till SKYNET took over.

  13. danju132 says

    go madden

  14. Marteen Alias says

    Watching old dunkey videos are kinda poetic.

  15. Aaron Perez says

    this is what women's football looks like

  16. Luis Martinez says

    Sometimes when I’m having a shit day i watch this video and everything turns okay.

  17. TboltGames says

    The sad music really compliments the struggle they're going through, I can feel it.

  18. Knight-Mares says

    Big Brother is happy. Therefore, I am happy.

  19. RunForestRun says


  20. Josh Koines says

    Why is everyone upset? This is clearly humanity’s greatest achievement, truly the 8th wonder of the world.

  21. David Cowan says


  22. Quaza says

    No, Dunkey thats football

  23. CabbageEyes says

    Ah, the beautiful game.

  24. GAS GROUP says

    name of the video game please

  25. Sky-h1 The Internet Guy says

    I like how in the description it says “basketball”

  26. Juris Zebnickis says

    i was mad, but then I saw this.. and I cried tears of cathartic joy

  27. Marco Villarroel says

    He used the s word

  28. Really, I'd rather not. says

    i want to watch this netball game forever

  29. Basti Gerhards says

    When you use the help function in the chess app to defeat the AI:

    "AI beat AI. AI is happy"

  30. Mátyás Szabó says

    More exciting than real life soccer.

    I'm Hungarian btw.

  31. Dude says

    Oh so that's why Max calls it dumb sport

  32. Colin O'Brien says

    Hey. This really inspired me as a young soccer player. I have had a really bad day and this cheered me up. Beautiful cinematography😼

  33. Ryan Jones says

    Got the ball ref

  34. Saitama Kun says

    Some say this was the first stranded type soccer game.

  35. Fists of Rage says

    A game by Hideo Kojima

  36. Onurk77 says

    Title is missing "in America"

  37. Rayyan Mahmood says

    I love the caption

  38. MartyrLoserKing says

    Why are we here? Just to suffer?

  39. Rotua Frans Manalu says

    When EA's FIFA isnt scripted

  40. Salutations YT! says


  41. Moe Kawtharani says

    So majestic.

  42. Krystal Myth says

    How America is dealing with Coronavirus in 2020:

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