1. MAYA HERBALS says

    I was watching this with my 8 year old and wasn't aware that you would be playing the explicit lyrics of Tenacious D! So Please let all your viewers know that the sound should be off for children as my daughter has now heard words that she should not have.

  2. Jan Taks says

    Hi there Hien, the song is 'Double Team' by Tenacious D

  3. Hien Tran Thu says

    Can u tell me what the song ost in this clip please !

  4. Tessa van Overveld says

    Omg that song at the end 🙂 beautiful cake!!

  5. Genevieve Alexis says

    Working on a kirby cake so I need optimum roundness.
    Love your song choice!

  6. Jan Taks says

    Hi Genevieve, I used 3x 20cm round cakes. Have to add that I did cut away a lot of the cakes and still it was quite large. You Should be able to get away with 2-3x 17cm cakes.

  7. Genevieve Alexis says

    How fantastic!! How many cakes you got stacked on there for the ball?

  8. Rachel Okoegwale says

    Waaaaay too fast Jan but nice ball. Weldone

  9. Nikki Sample says

    Weird song but love the cake 🙂

  10. Jan Taks says


  11. NikkiBikki says


  12. Jan Taks says

    Wow thanks for the comment! This was the first cake I recorded. You'll probably see the lettering's a bit scew, but hey, after 6 hours of icing I couldn't really care anymore. As for Jack Black, I was listening to (mostly) his music while decorating the cake :-p

  13. TheTessa76 says

    I love your "baking music" you're a pro. wish could've seen in "slow mo" though. thanks

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